Sunday, June 27, 2010


(Christina and Kylund. Someone marry them please.)
(Zach. The one in the green. Why do I have the biggest crush in the world on Zach Andersen? Because he wears green shirts and pink and purple bow ties. And like a million other reasons as well, but whatever.)
(Hunter. My little brother.)
(Mitch and Christina. Mitch: "I can't take a good picture!")
(Me and Tyler. Isn't he cute?!)
(L-R, Beth, Shaelie, me, Sarah, and - best counselor ever - Kelsi)
(Why do I love these guys? This is why. Cause they think to take pictures like this.)
(My crush of the week. Tell me that he doesn't have a future as an Abercrombie model.
(Me and my little brother, Hunter. He changed my life.)
(Look me in the eye and tell me I don't have the best counselors in the world. That's right. You can't.)
(Other group of girls in my company. Love them dearly.)
(My girls. Me in Sarah's shirt.)
(Our boys. And our counselor "Maruji." Lovelovelove them.)
(Our group of friends. Why is Hunter not in this picture? L-R: Sarah (best friend and roomie), Noelle, Chris, Christina, Me, Zach (he's lovely, right?), Mitch, Domi, and Jess. I love and miss them all dearly.)
(Zach is the only reason I threw this picture in. He's... I like him, okay? He's gorgeous and you can't deny that.)

We played air guitar instead of escorting to the institute building.
Maruji (our counselor) said, "I bet I can teach more false doctrine than you can" at a terribly spiritual moment.
We discussed whether you snort, smoke, or inhale crack with our counselor.
We danced even when there wasn't music.
We played Uno in the middle of the dance floor. Seriously.
We boy stalked.
We watched the world cup - with our counselor, mind you - during morningside on Sarah's phone.
We cried.
It was the most amazing week of my life.

You know those things you can't explain?

I'm a ballerina. Period. And I'm sick of being told I am a crazy person... That was established a very long time ago. I am a ballerina and I can't seem to explain to you why. In words, that is. I could dance it for you, but that, right up there, is, so far, the best explanation I have for you. That's all. If that doesn't explain it for you, if that doesn't make sense or work for you, stop worrying about it. The end.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010


(I don't know what I love so much about this picture, but I do.)
The Jake Excursion:
I went. I went and hung out with him. Here's the deal, it was like "I don't even like him anymore even though I have no clue why, I just don't." So I reeeeeeallly didn't want to go. Too bad about how he left a two-minute voicemail on my phone saying how he really wanted me to come over which was totally odd, seeing how I don't even like him anymore... But I went. He was really cute, but it's okay, I don't know if I like him or not. We actually hung out at Julia's house... Yes, the ex-girlfriend. It's okay, though, worry not, lovies, it wasn't weird. Except for the part where I fell off the counter, into the sink, and then out of the sink onto the floor... That's all. Nothing happened. The end.

The Downtown-Provo-Tim-And-Wilson Excursion:
Watch this please. Please. You'll understand why I love these boys with all my soul. Skip over like the first five minutes and watch the part from when I get in the car. These boys are like my heros and little babies. Love them. The end.

The Spring-Recital-At-Progressions Excursion:
Well. I'm finally done with Progressions. I'm actually going to The Academy of Ballet (yayy!). It's a major relief on both parts - Progressions is stressful and... Not so fabulous and TAOB is... Fabulous as can be. I cannot wait. Huzzah. The end.

The My-Aunt-And-Uncle-Are-Now-Mission-Presidents-In-Japan Excursion:
Need I really say more? It's wonderful and a little scary and their farewell was on Sunday. I am sending them so much love and keeping them in my prayers every night. I love you President and Sister Baird!

The I-Went-To-The-Grocery-Store-Alone Excursion:
I went to buy some fruit. I felt all grown up and was acting very mature and such... Then a gaggle of teenage girls walked in to buy some soda and licorice and they all had on crazy summer clothes and were happy. I wanted to break down and bawl. I wanna go home now. Back to my friends. Cause I miss them so dang much.

Remember: Be happy.
Stay pretty!

-Addy* Sue

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Mom: What did he say? Me: He asked if I was busy tomorrow, which if I had plans, I don't anymore because I am hanging out with him. Mom: That's weird. Me: No, it's actually not. Mom: Yes. It actually is weird for a boy to be calling my daughter and asking her what she is doing tomorrow! Me: No! It's actually not!


(Except he called.(: Which is even better than a text.)
I'm freaking out. Because guess who just called me. Jake. That's who. And I'm trying to contain my joy. But it isn't working well, as I am jumping around my house like a... I don't know. I'm too excited to think of a simile to describe how I am jumping around my house all happy-like. I kind of am just so super happy right now. Mostly my 11:11 wishes everyday for the last week or so have been for Jake to call me. And also my 12:34 wishes and 3:03 wishes and even the one time that Katie decided we could wish cause it was 10:10. And all the times I touched random things (because you are allowed to wish when you touch random things). (I'm a really obsessive wisher. Katie got me into it. She seriously wishes like crazy and I thought she was insane for the longest time, but now I wish just as much as she does. I have alarms set on my phone and my Ipod for the minute before wishing time - cause it doesn't count if you set it for the exact time.) Anyway. All my wishes for the last while have been for Jake to call me. Plus. We're playing tomorrow, me and Jake. And I seriously am so beyond ecstatic.
Wishes work people. Go wish on something.[:
Stay pretty.
-Addy* Sue

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Good News!!

(I love this picture. This is how I wear my hair every single day in the summer. Yay!!)

I am going efy with the one and only... SARAH BARRUS. She's pretty much my partner in crime. We live and think and see the same way and the same things. She taught me how to flirt with boys (something I've perfected). She also taught me how to spaz out without looking like you are a handicapped spider (something I've nearly perfected). Pretty much I am stoked and can't wait another moment. I got this text from her today: "Hahaha my mom walked in and was like sarah do you even have enough modest clothing for a week? Hahah. And I was like what are you calling me a skank? Hahah." Oh I can't even tell you how much I love this girl. She's positively ridiculous.
Also. I'm going to summer school. But not like that. Not cause I failed ninth grade. (I finished the year with a 3.7 cumulative! Yay!! You should all be so proud!) No. Because I am an "OVER ACHIEVER" and am getting way more credits than I need this year so that I can take as many AP and honors classes and gradate with my associates and then GO TO JULLIARD. huzzah.
That's the dream, at least. Julliard. With a theatre performance degree. It makes me happy, to think that I could make a living singing and dancing and wearing wonderful clothing and running all over New York. Yay!
I've also discovered that I have a "Yay!!" and "Waaaa!" reflex. When someone says or does something this thing clicks inside of me and is like "Waaaa!" if it is upsetting to me, or "Yay!!" if it happys me up. Yay!
Haha. And Jake still hasn't called me. Waaaaa. *sigh*
Stay pretty.
-Addy* Sue

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Going Home

I'm going to miss living with my ridiculously spaztic cousins. And waking up to the discovery of the doorbell. And jumping off cliffs. And staying up late catching frogs at the pond on the golf course and rolling down the giant hill and running away from the golf course security. I'm gonna miss Aunt Jilly Bo feeding us pudding and fruit and ice cream for breakfast while Uncle Brad and Mom and Dad are out running.
At the same time, it is time to go home. I miss everyone. I'm like almost a week into summer and I haven't even been to Del Taco yet. I really need to tell Kat and Ave and Hannah my exciting stories - the ones I can't share with the cousins or put on the blog - and I need to get back into a good exercise routine.
Wear sunblock. Stay pretty.
-Addy* Sue