Sunday, June 27, 2010


(Christina and Kylund. Someone marry them please.)
(Zach. The one in the green. Why do I have the biggest crush in the world on Zach Andersen? Because he wears green shirts and pink and purple bow ties. And like a million other reasons as well, but whatever.)
(Hunter. My little brother.)
(Mitch and Christina. Mitch: "I can't take a good picture!")
(Me and Tyler. Isn't he cute?!)
(L-R, Beth, Shaelie, me, Sarah, and - best counselor ever - Kelsi)
(Why do I love these guys? This is why. Cause they think to take pictures like this.)
(My crush of the week. Tell me that he doesn't have a future as an Abercrombie model.
(Me and my little brother, Hunter. He changed my life.)
(Look me in the eye and tell me I don't have the best counselors in the world. That's right. You can't.)
(Other group of girls in my company. Love them dearly.)
(My girls. Me in Sarah's shirt.)
(Our boys. And our counselor "Maruji." Lovelovelove them.)
(Our group of friends. Why is Hunter not in this picture? L-R: Sarah (best friend and roomie), Noelle, Chris, Christina, Me, Zach (he's lovely, right?), Mitch, Domi, and Jess. I love and miss them all dearly.)
(Zach is the only reason I threw this picture in. He's... I like him, okay? He's gorgeous and you can't deny that.)

We played air guitar instead of escorting to the institute building.
Maruji (our counselor) said, "I bet I can teach more false doctrine than you can" at a terribly spiritual moment.
We discussed whether you snort, smoke, or inhale crack with our counselor.
We danced even when there wasn't music.
We played Uno in the middle of the dance floor. Seriously.
We boy stalked.
We watched the world cup - with our counselor, mind you - during morningside on Sarah's phone.
We cried.
It was the most amazing week of my life.

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Katie said...

You are too cute!