Tuesday, June 15, 2010


(I don't know what I love so much about this picture, but I do.)
The Jake Excursion:
I went. I went and hung out with him. Here's the deal, it was like "I don't even like him anymore even though I have no clue why, I just don't." So I reeeeeeallly didn't want to go. Too bad about how he left a two-minute voicemail on my phone saying how he really wanted me to come over which was totally odd, seeing how I don't even like him anymore... But I went. He was really cute, but it's okay, I don't know if I like him or not. We actually hung out at Julia's house... Yes, the ex-girlfriend. It's okay, though, worry not, lovies, it wasn't weird. Except for the part where I fell off the counter, into the sink, and then out of the sink onto the floor... That's all. Nothing happened. The end.

The Downtown-Provo-Tim-And-Wilson Excursion:
Watch this please. Please. You'll understand why I love these boys with all my soul. Skip over like the first five minutes and watch the part from when I get in the car. These boys are like my heros and little babies. Love them. The end.

The Spring-Recital-At-Progressions Excursion:
Well. I'm finally done with Progressions. I'm actually going to The Academy of Ballet (yayy!). It's a major relief on both parts - Progressions is stressful and... Not so fabulous and TAOB is... Fabulous as can be. I cannot wait. Huzzah. The end.

The My-Aunt-And-Uncle-Are-Now-Mission-Presidents-In-Japan Excursion:
Need I really say more? It's wonderful and a little scary and their farewell was on Sunday. I am sending them so much love and keeping them in my prayers every night. I love you President and Sister Baird!

The I-Went-To-The-Grocery-Store-Alone Excursion:
I went to buy some fruit. I felt all grown up and was acting very mature and such... Then a gaggle of teenage girls walked in to buy some soda and licorice and they all had on crazy summer clothes and were happy. I wanted to break down and bawl. I wanna go home now. Back to my friends. Cause I miss them so dang much.

Remember: Be happy.
Stay pretty!

-Addy* Sue

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katheryn said...

addy my dear. I love you! Boys..when you all the sudden don't like him, our family calls it the ick. you have no idea but you just have it and don't like the boy anymore. Thanks for the shout out to my parents. You really are so sweet. I need to see more of you. Love ya.