Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Feminism, Alice, Glee, Thank yous

Hello! Tickets for the show can be bought at the the door. Don't feel at all obligated to come, but I would love it if you did.

Any other Gleeks out there? I have a new obsession with Glee. It is a lovely show, and I think you all should watch it. The most recent episode (The Power of Madonna) was a feminist shoutout, and being, a feminist, I adored it.

I've been thinking recently. How do you thank someone for something? I have had several people do things for me that have meant so much to me recently. I had such a horrible week and people just picked me up and got me through it. How do you express to someone what they mean to you? And that the things they have done mean the world to you? Because they do. Thank you.

On the subject of feminism, I had to throw in the quote from Alice in Wonderland, which is a lovely movie with a lovely feminist message.

Thank you all for everything.
Have an awesome day.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Hello! Most Important News Ever, People! Along with a Q&A session with yours truly!

Yesterday I woke up with a horrible headache to the beeping of my stupid alarm clock (it was Saturday) and got out of bed and proceeded to put on a minimal amount of make-up, create a massive bun on top of my head, throw on some sweats, grab my bag, put on massive tinted sunglasses, arrive at early morning rehearsal seven minutes late, be informed I look, "grouchy," "stoned," and "completely hungover" (by my teacher, mind you), lay on the floor, dress in record time, go through notes of yesterday's rehearsal, fall asleep, find Bridger's costume for him, try and sway in perfect sync with sixty other people (I have swaying dyslexia), run off of the stage, change super quickly, have a mic stuffed into my side, proceeded to do my dance and NOT fall off the stage and crumple in a ball, rip off Blaze's shirt, wear a black wig, attack a man, change super quickly yet again, curl Sarah's hair (it was darling - score!), miss my finale cue, eat lunch (we ordered 100 pizzas - seriously), feel totally sick, recoreograph a piece of my dance, run that piece four million times, do the show again, bow, run around like crazy, come home, go running...

Why? Why do I do this??
Because, people!
Call me for directions, and PLEASE COME!!

And now:
Question and Answer with your favorite blogger/friend/niece/cousin/etc...

What are you inspired by?
I pull my inspiration from the world around me. Everything inspires me. I am especially inspired by hope. I am inspired by the fact that the world, in the eyes of so many, is a disaster, a mess, a hopeless ball of water and land careening through space... And I am inspired by the hope that some (like myself) hold so tightly to, that the world is still a good place, with good people, good things, and, of course, hope.

What is your favorite type of cupcake?
This will sound odd, but you know those cupcakes with the crazy processed and colored frosting you buy at the grocery store? I could live on those.

What country do you live in?
I live in the United States of America.

What is your favorite color?
Huh. I don't really have a favorite color. It changes with the day. With the moment. Green, possibly, right now. Although I am rather partial to sparkles... Anything sparkly.

Favorite place to be?
In a state of happiness.

Favorite thing to do in your spare time?
Hmmmm. I like to eat. I like to dance and sing and act... But those things are kind of my life. In my actual free time... I like to talk on the phone. With Katie and Jarrett. They are my favorite people to talk to.

What is the most Australian thing about you?

What keeps you blogging?
The need to get my feelings and thoughts and pains and joys out of my being and out of my crazy scrambling head.

Good 'n Plentys or Gushers?
Neither. I like chocolate and peanut butter and Crazy Core Skittles.

If you were trapped in a burning building, and you could only call one super hero, who would you call?
Uh, to be honest, the first thing that came to mind was "Ghost Busters!!" As in, "Who do you call? Ghost Busters!!"

Saturday, April 17, 2010

I believe I like Springtime

In the last bit of time...

a: Sarah Barrus (one of my absolute favorite partners in crime) came down from Oregon to visit. We laughed and hugged each other and talked about boys much.

b: I have completely died a social death and sold my soul to the musical. I should be used to this by now.

c: I went to a soccer game yesterday evening. It was lovely. Although, I didn't really pay much attention, rather, my friend and I choose the most attractive boys on the teams... I like soccer games. [:

d: I nearly died on a longboard. At the soccer game I attemped to ride down a massive hill. I became very close friends with the ground. I was laughed at. There is a reason I don't longboard.

e: I walked to Walmart to pick up half a gallon of ice cream and some cleaning supplies for my mother last night. Would someone please explain to me why the whole world seems to spend their Friday night running around Walmart? I thought that most people had lives. I stand corrected.

f: I went to Hazel's soccer game. It was nice... Although rather less exciting than watching a high school male soccer team. They just are always much more attractive.

g: I left Hazie's game and went over to Christian's (another one of my favorite partner's in crime) house, who has a date to Spring Fling this night and did not know, as of noon this morning, what he was wearing. I helped solve this problem.

h: Christian talked me into going to work with him. He is a janitor at the elementary school. We took his little brother Kaleb. It was the most hysterical afternoon of my life.

i: I cleaned my room. *Sigh.*

j: I went to dinner with my family. Except my daddy is out of town. So it was... Quiet.

k: I came home. I now have homework to do. I am crying inside.

l: I think I am heading out later. I believe I will go to the stake dance for a bit and probably hit Collin's SMUG dance over at My Noah's.

m: I miss Katie (Kat). She is grounded. I am bawling. I basically should just be grounded as well, as my life is really rather boring without her. I cannot remember the last dance I went to without her. Katheryn Corrin? I love you. Please be good. Call me.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

I am much happier now. Thank you, Mckenzie, for your sweet words. They made my day. I decided that I am the only person in charge of my life, and therefore, I am writing this on the bus on the way to language festival at BYU with my French class, instead of going to orchestra festival. I am pretty sure that this will result in a failing grade in orchestra, but I can't even tell you how proud I'll be of that F. I got 98 percent on my world map test (huzzah). Plus, the show is getting better everyday. I think I was a little disappointed when we were first casted, cause I really wanted to be the Narrator. Now, I wouldn't change my part for the world. Have an awesome day, all of you. And remember: do what you love. Love what you do. Life is good.

Monday, April 12, 2010

i am here because i am stressed

i am terribly terribly stressed.
my body hurts all very bad all over.
i have a test tomorrow in ap human geo over every country in the world.
and it is stressing me out.
i have the ap test on may 14.
and i am not ready.
and it is stressing me out.
i am exhausted.
and i have so much work to do.
and therefore, i am stressed.
i have bio homework.
and math.
and it is stressing me out.
i have so much all jumbled up in my head.
and i cant get it out on paper
or into a song
or a dance.
i feel so scatterbrained,
and it scares me.
and it stresses me out.
i wish i was in love.
but i am not.
and it makes me sad inside.
there is an eyelash in my eye.
i want my feelings on paper and i cant get them out of me.
i want to be happy and feel good and
get my work done.
but i am not.
and i dont know why.
because i can.
i can do it.
but i dont.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

I always thought the first time a boy came to pick me up at my house would be followed by a night of much excitement. Kissing, and parties, and coming home late, and such.

I didn't think I would spend the night playing Apples to Apples in my friend's unfinished basement.

But I did.

And it ranks as one of the best ways to spend a Saturday night. Ever. Jake Barton (Kat's unofficial boyfriend) came to pick me and Katie up from my house last night at like 10, and we went to Collin Edward White's home. (You will find his hysterical blog under "I read....") Anyway. Kat, Jake, Collin, Devon, and some kid named Eli (who is a tenth grade boy who is scared half to death by girls - anyone else confused at how that is possible?) played Apples to Apples in Collin's basement. It was a blast.

Friday night me and Kat went to a stake dance. Jake and Collin came. (Obviously, Kat was ecstatic about this.) They brought the whole crew.
...And I met someone new. [:
His name is Kyle. And he is... Very handsome. No, I will not give you his last name because I will not allow you to stalk him via facebook. He is, though, lovely. And he thinks I am attractive. Yeah, best night ever. [: I was very sad he couldn't make it to Collin's house last night, but it is okay. I will live... Maybe. Ha.

I really hate ranting over the internet, because I always worry that someone will come across it who doesn't need to, but here is a teeny tiny little quick rant:
I like Kyle. He is really attractive. He may someday like me. And I couldn't be happier.
End of rant.

Anyway, Happy Easter. I love all of you very much, and thank you so much for your kind comments and sweet posts. They always make my day.