Friday, December 11, 2009

what santa knows

I would like to introduce you all to my baby sister, Millie.
She is three.
She is hysterical.
{She is adorable, and quite possibly the most stubborn child, well, ever.}
A daily conversation between mommy and Millie goes something like the following:

Mommy: Millie, if you don't put away your crayons then I am going to give them away.
Millie: I don't like them anyway.

Believe me now?
Well, Millie has this thing where she will sleep in Hazel's (aged 5) bed.
Which, granted, is adorable, but she has to sleep in her own bed.

Daddy: Millie, if you don't sleep in your own bed then you're gonna be on the notty list.
Millie: What's that?
Daddy: That's what happens when you don't sleep in your own bed, and then you don't get any presents from
Millie: {oh}
Daddy exits. Mommy enters.
Millie: Daddy's gonna be on
{The Notty List}
Mommy: Why?
Millie: 'Cause he sleeps with you.

Santa not only knows when you're sleeping. But
{who you're sleeping with}

very merry christmas to everybody.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Ellie - You crack me up. [:

{oh elizabeth garces}

just had to re-post what she had to say today.

{it made my day}
"I'm the girl.
You're the boy.
You text first or we don't talk today."

I love you, Ellie.
{I stole the picture from her, too}

Everyone must go look at her blog right this very second because it is lovely and wonderful.