Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Good News!!

(I love this picture. This is how I wear my hair every single day in the summer. Yay!!)

I am going efy with the one and only... SARAH BARRUS. She's pretty much my partner in crime. We live and think and see the same way and the same things. She taught me how to flirt with boys (something I've perfected). She also taught me how to spaz out without looking like you are a handicapped spider (something I've nearly perfected). Pretty much I am stoked and can't wait another moment. I got this text from her today: "Hahaha my mom walked in and was like sarah do you even have enough modest clothing for a week? Hahah. And I was like what are you calling me a skank? Hahah." Oh I can't even tell you how much I love this girl. She's positively ridiculous.
Also. I'm going to summer school. But not like that. Not cause I failed ninth grade. (I finished the year with a 3.7 cumulative! Yay!! You should all be so proud!) No. Because I am an "OVER ACHIEVER" and am getting way more credits than I need this year so that I can take as many AP and honors classes and gradate with my associates and then GO TO JULLIARD. huzzah.
That's the dream, at least. Julliard. With a theatre performance degree. It makes me happy, to think that I could make a living singing and dancing and wearing wonderful clothing and running all over New York. Yay!
I've also discovered that I have a "Yay!!" and "Waaaa!" reflex. When someone says or does something this thing clicks inside of me and is like "Waaaa!" if it is upsetting to me, or "Yay!!" if it happys me up. Yay!
Haha. And Jake still hasn't called me. Waaaaa. *sigh*
Stay pretty.
-Addy* Sue

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