Thursday, November 26, 2009

A Conversation on Pain Between Addy* and Dad

Daren: You know what pain is?
Addy*: {pain is temporary. glory is forever. i know}
Daren: No. Well, yes. But:

{Pain is weakness leaving the body}

The Gratitude Experiment/Why I Hate Running

I hate running.
It will never be fun.
And it will never be easy.
And yet, I have to do it anyway.
I don't know. Actually, the
of running are really amazing.
It works like every muscle in your body,
AND kills your cardiovascular system.
Anyway, my dad, my mom, my sister and I ended up going trail running today.
They went a little further than I did, and I promised to run back to the house.
Like I said,
I hate running.
{The Gratitude Experiment}
I decided that for every time that I was hurting,
ready to give up,
or ready to die,
I would think of something that I was grateful for at that very moment.
{I am grateful for legs to carry me home}
{I am grateful for my Ipod to listen to}
{I am grateful for hands to carry that Ipod}
{I am grateful that my heart beats}
{I am grateful for running}
Did I really just think that??
I did.
{I am grateful for running, and the calories it burns so that I can eat more stuffing}

A Happy Thanksgiving to everyone.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Forgotten Fairy Tales

There was a prince
Once upon a
Time so long
Past me and
You loved me
Once upon a
Time that I
Loved like a flower loves
Water, what supports it's
Life, you were my
Life so long
Past me and past
You loved me
Once upon a

To Kill A Mockingbird

{a simple love story. the greatest piece of american lit ever written}

"'You ain't got no business bringin' white chillun here - they got their church and we got our'n. It is our church, ain't it Miss Cal?'
Calpurnia said, 'It's the same God ain't it?'"

Saturday, November 21, 2009

A tasty bite (pun intended) for all you NEW MOON fanatics

"I read twilight and now I have unrealistic expectations in men."

I have to say that I am on a bit of a rebellion - and I am refusing to see the new movie. The actors are horrible, no matter how attractive they may be. But that's just me.

Oh Twilight, how we love to loath thee.
Sorry if I offended anyone, just thought I would share.

Check it out.
{Hope you laugh}

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

You forget how simple it is to be normal. Instead of crazy. -Mom

food for thought

i stand in line
one person/right behind another.
I see the woman
right in front of me.
her face is all
the same color.
pale skin,
her hair is falling
like hay
down her
her clothes: grungy.
i judge her.
a click in my brain.
sub-conscious. i judge without
even trying.
she places groceries in front
of the cashier.
a gallon
of milk.
a loaf
of bread.
bare necessities.
she pays in crumpled
dollar bills.
I judge without even trying.
do you?
had i looked further,
i would have seen;
a 1988 senior prom queen,
a lover of the color pink,
a smeller of flowers,
a fear of pain,
a broken hearted lover,
a single jobless mother of three.
she owns one pair of shoes.
she does homework with her children.
she cries herself to sleep at night.
she prays for someone to care.
do you?

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

when life comes
too fast.
when life comes
too slow.
when life
doesnt come at all.
this is for you this is
for those times.
t o o s l o w

{nothing at all}

remember the days
when life comes
in color.
and when life comes
too fast.
and when life comes
too slow.
and when life simply
doesn't come at all.
life is still
{in color}

To Be Able To Breathe

To be able to breathe.
We take for granted.
To be able to write.
We take for granted.
To be able to see.
We take for granted.
To smell, to touch.
We take for granted.
To be able feel emotions.
We take for granted.
To be able to laugh.
We take for granted.
To smile, to sing, to read, to walk.
We take for granted.
To be able to understand.
We take for granted.
To be able to dance.
We take for granted.
To be able to love.
We take for granted.