Thursday, March 25, 2010

Only the most awesome bestie ever.

I was just standing there at the dance. Talking with one of my friends. And this random kid walks up to me and says: "I have a secret mission for you." Of course, I accepted, because I am actually a secret agent. (Shhh! Don't tell anyone!) I had already been on one secret mission that night, which included me finding my dear friend and her boyfriend who had snuck off alone. Me and Avery crept around, being secret agents, complete with finger guns and personal theme music.

It worked great until I tripped over a tree.

Anyway. The secret mission was to get one of my best friends, Kat (Katie, Katheryn), and the boy who she has been in love with for like the last three weeks together. His name is Barton. Okay, actually it's Jake (Jacob), but I have grown fond of referring to him as simply Barton. (P.S. In case you are reading this Collin, that is totally a secret, even though everyone knows, so don't tell Katie or Barton that I just broadcasted their semi-secret relationship across the whole internet.)

So, me and this kid (Matt) have been working cahoots for the last bit of time. The funniest part is that Katie and Barton are madly in love with each other (huzzah) and they are both too afraid to just admit it to each other. See? This is why me and Matt are here. [:

So basically, I just adore Kat with the whole of my heart. We get along very well. We are attracted to the same boys, think the same way, listen to the same music, etc. She is also the most impossible person ever to be mad at and writes the most hysterical notes I have ever read in my whole life.

But, I am now getting to the point (I swear). I am supposed to be doing homework (what else is new, though?). SO ANYWAY. Kat was texting Matt today and she was explaining the conversation, and goes, "Oh. By the way, I am pretending to be you."


She decided that Matt would disclose more information to me instead of her, so she pretended to be me. I wasn't even mad, first of all, because she is so impossible to be mad at, and second, because she texted exactly like I do. [: She used exclamation points a bit excessively (a habit I picked up from Jarrett), smiley faces constantly (cause I am a really sarcastic person and I feel guilty when I don't put smiley faces with things), and used CAPITOL LETTERS FOR LIKE EVERY OTHER TEXT CAUSE I DO THAT A LOT. IT HAS BEEN VERY SUCCESSFUL FOR GETTING MY POINT ACROSS. She knows me too well.

I love that girl.
I've never been so proud to call her my friend.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Just thought I would share an MLIA story. Hope it makes your day like it makes mine.

"Today, I was checking out My Life Is Twilight. I stumbled across a story that started like this: "Today,OMG, I was playing Bella's Lullaby on the Kazoo, when the phone rang..." I couldn't even finish the rest of the story. I was laughing to myself and wondering who in the world sits around, playing twilight songs on their kazoo. MLIA."

{what's that? you want more? okkkayy. only one though.}

"Today in Spanish Class, we were working on a worksheet that had sentences to be translated. All of the sentences were everyday things and really boring, but the last sentence said, "Somebody please tell Juan that it is not okay to run naked in the front yard." It completely made my day. MLIA"

{No! I won't share any more! I have homework. Okay. One. That's it.}

"My Sociology class had us pick 2 people with charisma and write about how they are different and similar. One of my people was Satan. Under similarities, I wrote "both have a cult-like following of sociopaths", "both are after world domination", and "no one knows either person's true form." My second person was Oprah. I got a 100. MLIA"

{Kay. The truth is, I'm having way too much fun posting these. I will give you one more and I will then go back to my AP History homework.}

"Today, I saw a commercial for the Snuggie. I thought it was stupid idea but I couldn't change the channel because I was under a blanket and I didn't want my arms to get cold. MLIA"

What, you ask, is Go check it out for yourself. You will become an addict within fourteen minutes. I swear. It took me about seven and a half-ish.

Also, Katherine and McKenzie, I made the Journalism staff at my high school. Who else is excited?

And I would like to share with all of you just how I get my homework done. Currently there is four tabs open. My history tab, this one,, and youtube, where Justing Bieber (I have caught Bieber fever, yes) is singing into my ears.

Oh, so the other night, on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, there was this joke.
"46% of Americans say they would vote for a democratic canidate in the next election. 42% say they would vote for a republican canidate. If you're wondering what happened to the other 12%, let's just say that Bieber fever has gotten a little out of hand."
I died.

I saw Alice in Wonderland on Saturday.
It was fantastic.
Although, it has got me speaking with a British accent and thinking I may be completely mad.
Oh well, all the best are.

It is going to be so beyond fantastic.

Okay, I am procrastinating. I shall go do my homework now. I swear.
Well... kind of. [:

[did you know they offer google in pirate language? i am never using normal google again.]

OKAY. I just wanna put this somewhere and since this post is so long, I doubt you guys are still reading.
I love this kid. Who is one of my very best friends. And I hate it. He is so amazing and I will like another guy for like two days (like the one who does the whole "we're only friends" thing) and then fall back to him. I hate him. I love him. So much. He is so amazing and makes me so happy and he is so pretty and he has never once in his whole life hurt me in any way and Kat thinks I need to "expand my horizons" and like someone else and I just CAN'T because he is so amazing and I finally found somebody who makes me smile and makes me laugh who will knit beanies with me and go shopping and bake cakes and is still incredibly manly and sexy and also runs a 5:50 mile and he is so wonderful and we can just sit and talk and laugh about everything and he is so sweet and I could go on and on for hours on end about all the things he has said about me that make me feel so special and how he used to know how in love with him I was but then I fell for two other guys that turned out jerks and so I just went back to him and I haven't admitted that to him that I am still in love with him cause I'm afraid cause guess what? I love him. And he isn't currently aware of that. And he doesn't love me - not like I love him.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

I just took an ADD test online.

My name is spelled ADDY.
In like fifth-ish grade, one of my friends started calling me ADD...y.
Later, it got shortened to simply ADD.
At first I was very offended.
Now, almost four years later, I just respond to it.
It's sort of stuck.
For any of you who know me personally, ADD is rather fitting.
And I tend to joke around about me being attention deficit quite often.
& I'm actually really afraid to get myself tested for ADD because I'm so sure it will come out positive.
So I just took an ADD test online.
The questions were like follows:
Question #1: At home, work, or school I find my mind wandering from tasks that are uninteresting or difficult.
Not at all.
Just a little.
Quite a lot.
Very much.
My answer: Very much.

Question #3: Especially in groups, I find it hard to stay focused on what is being said in conversations.
My answer: Very much.

Question #4: I have a quick temper... a short fuse.
My answer: Somewhat.

Question #6: I say things without thinking and later regret having said them.
My answer: Very much.

Question #9: My moods have highs and lows.
My answer: Very much.

Question #13: I am almost always on the go.
My answer: Very much.

Question #15: In conversations I start to answer questions before the questions have been fully asked.
My answer: Very much.

Question #19: Even when sitting quietly, I am usually moving my hands or feet.
My answer: Very much.

Question #23: I am unable to stop daydreaming.
My answer: Very much.

Question #24: I am distressed by the disorganized way my brain works.
My answer: Very much.

In case you were wondering, I answered "very much" to every question except the ones about being grouchy and irritable. Here's what the computer said when I finished my quiz:

You scored a total of 106

It is highly likely that you are presently suffering from adult attention deficit disorder, according to your responses on this self-report questionnaire. You should not take this as a diagnosis of any sort, or a recommendation for treatment. However, it would be advisable and likely beneficial for you to seek further diagnosis from a trained mental health professional immediately.


Monday, March 15, 2010

Alright McKenzie.

You made my day. In fact, your comments make my day every time. You are pretty much the most freaking awesome cousin. Ever. Thank you. And by the way, I went running. And my best friend called (she's like a physic, she always knows when I need her). And I'm listening to "That's What Friends Are For" from Jungle book. And made plans for the weekend to knit beanies (don't ask) with a very awesome (attractive) friend. So I'm feeling much better now. *Besides, I can always think of that gas guy as Costco.* ha! So yeah, I'm feeling happier now.

Just by the way.

huzzah. [:

i am a teenage girl

and therefore, i am completely obsessed with falling in love.
tall, dark, and handsome... blah blah blah.
i like this guy and i told him last week,
& he just informed me that we are
"just friends" and he didn't want to
"lead me on."
i hate those lines.
plus, he broke up our fake engagement.
i am now going to listen to a little "single ladies" perhaps.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Little Letters to the Music Makers in my Life

Dear Cameron & Blaze (who play Joseph, the part is double cast),
I heard "Close Every Door" for the first time on Wednesday.
You two sang it together.
I've never been so proud of two boys.
I want sons like the two of you.
Natalie (one of our super-talented narrators) was sitting next to me.
She lifted up her arm.
We both had chills.
The next time I looked over, she was crying.
I looked at the lights on the ceiling and pretended I wasn't crying too.
Love, me.

Dear Haley,
Your violin solo with the choir almost killed me.
I would've cried had there not been six hundred people in that auditorium.
You are the most amazingly talented violinist in the world, and I love you.
You have a gorgeous voice and you inspire me.
It made me so happy (and choked me up) to see how proud you were when your dad stood up during the Armed Forces Salute.
Thank you for being one of my very best friends in the whole world.
I can't even imagine what it will be like without you next year.
You were like the second person I met in seventh grade and we had our "underwear moment" in math.
You've been pretty freaking amazing ever since.
Love, me.

Dear Julie,
On the first night of the Grand Concert, I couldn't see your face from the pit.
But the second you opened your mouth for your solo in Concert Singers very first number,
I knew it was you.
Maybe it's because I hear your voice everyday in musical theatre,
but I think it's cause you have one of the most beautiful voices I have ever heard in my entire life.
I love you so much.
You inspire me more than you will ever know.
Love, me.

Dear Dawson, Dallin, and Chris,
I'm not gonna lie.
I though you took Concert Singers (and I was, not lying still, baffeled at how you got in) because choir is rather easy to slack off in.
I never thought you three could sing.
I'm very proud.
I stand corrected.
I want sons like you guys, too.
Love, me.

Dear Basses of Concert Singers,
Yes, it's true.
I find your low voices sexy.
Love, me.

Dear Ryan,
Remember that not all of us can be as amazing as you.
But we love you anyway.
Love, me.

Friday, March 5, 2010

I am at Costco getting gas for my nana's car. The kid working at the little gas area is stunningly attractive. I adore Costco.