Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Going Home

I'm going to miss living with my ridiculously spaztic cousins. And waking up to the discovery of the doorbell. And jumping off cliffs. And staying up late catching frogs at the pond on the golf course and rolling down the giant hill and running away from the golf course security. I'm gonna miss Aunt Jilly Bo feeding us pudding and fruit and ice cream for breakfast while Uncle Brad and Mom and Dad are out running.
At the same time, it is time to go home. I miss everyone. I'm like almost a week into summer and I haven't even been to Del Taco yet. I really need to tell Kat and Ave and Hannah my exciting stories - the ones I can't share with the cousins or put on the blog - and I need to get back into a good exercise routine.
Wear sunblock. Stay pretty.
-Addy* Sue

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