Thursday, March 25, 2010

Only the most awesome bestie ever.

I was just standing there at the dance. Talking with one of my friends. And this random kid walks up to me and says: "I have a secret mission for you." Of course, I accepted, because I am actually a secret agent. (Shhh! Don't tell anyone!) I had already been on one secret mission that night, which included me finding my dear friend and her boyfriend who had snuck off alone. Me and Avery crept around, being secret agents, complete with finger guns and personal theme music.

It worked great until I tripped over a tree.

Anyway. The secret mission was to get one of my best friends, Kat (Katie, Katheryn), and the boy who she has been in love with for like the last three weeks together. His name is Barton. Okay, actually it's Jake (Jacob), but I have grown fond of referring to him as simply Barton. (P.S. In case you are reading this Collin, that is totally a secret, even though everyone knows, so don't tell Katie or Barton that I just broadcasted their semi-secret relationship across the whole internet.)

So, me and this kid (Matt) have been working cahoots for the last bit of time. The funniest part is that Katie and Barton are madly in love with each other (huzzah) and they are both too afraid to just admit it to each other. See? This is why me and Matt are here. [:

So basically, I just adore Kat with the whole of my heart. We get along very well. We are attracted to the same boys, think the same way, listen to the same music, etc. She is also the most impossible person ever to be mad at and writes the most hysterical notes I have ever read in my whole life.

But, I am now getting to the point (I swear). I am supposed to be doing homework (what else is new, though?). SO ANYWAY. Kat was texting Matt today and she was explaining the conversation, and goes, "Oh. By the way, I am pretending to be you."


She decided that Matt would disclose more information to me instead of her, so she pretended to be me. I wasn't even mad, first of all, because she is so impossible to be mad at, and second, because she texted exactly like I do. [: She used exclamation points a bit excessively (a habit I picked up from Jarrett), smiley faces constantly (cause I am a really sarcastic person and I feel guilty when I don't put smiley faces with things), and used CAPITOL LETTERS FOR LIKE EVERY OTHER TEXT CAUSE I DO THAT A LOT. IT HAS BEEN VERY SUCCESSFUL FOR GETTING MY POINT ACROSS. She knows me too well.

I love that girl.
I've never been so proud to call her my friend.

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