Friday, March 12, 2010

Little Letters to the Music Makers in my Life

Dear Cameron & Blaze (who play Joseph, the part is double cast),
I heard "Close Every Door" for the first time on Wednesday.
You two sang it together.
I've never been so proud of two boys.
I want sons like the two of you.
Natalie (one of our super-talented narrators) was sitting next to me.
She lifted up her arm.
We both had chills.
The next time I looked over, she was crying.
I looked at the lights on the ceiling and pretended I wasn't crying too.
Love, me.

Dear Haley,
Your violin solo with the choir almost killed me.
I would've cried had there not been six hundred people in that auditorium.
You are the most amazingly talented violinist in the world, and I love you.
You have a gorgeous voice and you inspire me.
It made me so happy (and choked me up) to see how proud you were when your dad stood up during the Armed Forces Salute.
Thank you for being one of my very best friends in the whole world.
I can't even imagine what it will be like without you next year.
You were like the second person I met in seventh grade and we had our "underwear moment" in math.
You've been pretty freaking amazing ever since.
Love, me.

Dear Julie,
On the first night of the Grand Concert, I couldn't see your face from the pit.
But the second you opened your mouth for your solo in Concert Singers very first number,
I knew it was you.
Maybe it's because I hear your voice everyday in musical theatre,
but I think it's cause you have one of the most beautiful voices I have ever heard in my entire life.
I love you so much.
You inspire me more than you will ever know.
Love, me.

Dear Dawson, Dallin, and Chris,
I'm not gonna lie.
I though you took Concert Singers (and I was, not lying still, baffeled at how you got in) because choir is rather easy to slack off in.
I never thought you three could sing.
I'm very proud.
I stand corrected.
I want sons like you guys, too.
Love, me.

Dear Basses of Concert Singers,
Yes, it's true.
I find your low voices sexy.
Love, me.

Dear Ryan,
Remember that not all of us can be as amazing as you.
But we love you anyway.
Love, me.

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