Tuesday, January 18, 2011

This is a quick something.

I was published on deseretnews.com this week & I am very proud of myself. This is big for me! Some lady hated what I wrote and commented to let me know, but I don't really care. Or I'm pretending not to care, at least. Go read it? Go on deseretnews.com and search "Addy Baird" and it is the first article that pops up ("Lone Peak Defeats Cross-Town Rivals: 57-42"). Do tell me if you hate it. Comment there, too.


Anonymous said...

I liked the article a lot by the way!

Avery Jalaine said...


Just read your text and booked it over here stat.

I cannot imagine anything that you wrote sucking.

Cam said...

Addy! I am so incredibly proud of you!!! I tried commenting on your article, but it wasn't letting me, even after I registered. THAT LADY IS A JERK. I was going to oppose her highly offensive comments, because she has NO IDEA what she is talking about. Seriously, does she even know that high school newspapers can't publish current news, and that high school students are doing Deseret News a favor by covering games adult reporters can't get to? What a freak. Anyways, I thought your article was a joy to read and I am so impressed that you took advantage of that opportunity.

timtincher said...

NancyW is uhm... A BEEYOTCH.OMG! SO RUDE. :)

lovee you <3