Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Day 09: These are the things that make me me.

The following is a list of things I believe. In no particular order:

1.) I believe in God. In a Higher Power. In deity. I believe that it can (and will) shape us, and if we we leave our lives in the hands of that Higher Power, it will guide us.
2.) I believe, contrary to popular belief, that people, by nature are good: people are loving, selfless, kind, and intelligent.
3.) I believe in owning several pairs of vintage sandals and wearing them every month of the year.
4.) The power of an excellent outfit - I believe in that. That, and in the power of first impressions. Both the impressions that we make and the impressions left upon us.
5.) I believe in that everyone, as an individual, should feel that they are lovely. No matter their clothing or their makeup or their hair.
6.) I believe in the immense power of an individual.
7.) I believe that, on occasion, a girl should forget to shave her legs and do something more enjoyable instead. Say, for example, ice cupcakes.
8.) I believe in love.
9.) I believe in kissing and in glitter and in making messes and in doing ridiculous things and in writing letters.
10.) I believe that we are ecologically responsible for the caring of our earth.
11.) I believe in words and the powers that they encompass.
12.) I believe in wishing.
13.) I believe that I am, as an individual, the only being who can decide what I want - whether or not it is best for me. I am the only earthly being who knows myself well enough to judge. Only I can decide what I want and what I shall do - and no one can decide nor look down upon my choices. The same goes for you.
14.) I believe in myself. I believe in myself and I believe in you, whoever you are.

Your youth is but a fleeting moment.
All my love,


timtincher said...

This made me happy. 2 is my life. so is 4. This is one of the many reasons why we are indeed friends.

Anonymous said...

Good afternoon, you're in my seminary class, and I like you too.