Sunday, January 23, 2011

Day 11: I'm back and these are my siblings.

I am the oldest.

Sophie is 12. She pretends to be calm at school but she is not - don't let her fool you. She's loud and not afraid to lick her plate. She dances crazy and is embarrassed of my parents. She plays lots of sports and runs lots of miles. She can wear anything and seventh grade boys will pretty much fall at her feet. She's motherly. She's a really awesome babysitter. I love her.

Hazel is six. She's just like my mom. She cleans things and takes charge. She's really smart. She knows how it is and she'll tell you. (My dad: Hazel, what boys at school like you? Hazel: shrugs Every one of them.) I love her.

Millie is four. She is stubborn. She's dashingly clever. She does whatever she wants in all the world. She is probably one of the most hilarious children ever. There was a girl in her preschool class who dressed up as Justin Bieber for Halloween and she thought it was great. We're pretty much best friends ever and I love her.

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