Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Day 12: You bet I have a Mary Poppins bag.

I went on fossil.com to find you a picture of my bag... But I couldn't find one. I got it for Christmas cause my parents were sick of my mustard colored DI find that I carried everywhere with a billion things in it. But it's fine because I love my new bag more than I love many other material possessions.

Cause it carries everything.

It's kind of small-ish but don't worry cause I'm pretty sure the inside is magical. Right now it is carrying all of the following:

1.) My ipod.
2.) My phone.
3.) My phone charger.
4.) Two notebooks.
5.) Seven pens.
6.) An entire novel (The Second Mrs. Giochonda by E.L. Konigsburg - you should read that one if you haven't, P.S.).
7.) A cough drop.
8.) A sharpie.
9.) Extra headphones.
10.) My French notes all folded up cute.
11.) Thirteen notes addressed to five different people.
12.) A letter from my mum.
13.) The 30 days list.
14.) A book called The Essence of Buddhism that Tim gave me for my birthday.
15.) A handful of uke tabs. You know, just cause.

And, of course,

16.) A copy of the poem "Guitar Repair Woman" by Buddy Wakefield. (It's a newly discovered poem that is creeping it's way to the top of my Very Favorite Poems Ever list. Go look it up.)

If you say that it's summer a lot, it might become true.
All my love,

P.S. the J. Crew Spring collection makes me want to cry because it's clearly very perfect. That's all, folks.

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timtincher said...

You are SO crafty and I love it. So cute. I love it. hahaha, Wilson got you the Buddhism book, I got you the Yoga one. But it's fine. We were both together getting them.