Monday, January 17, 2011

Day 08: The moment I did what I wanted and hoped for the best.

Today I had many moments when I thought, "Hey! It's moment day on bandwagon! I'll write about this one."

Eventually I settled on the following:

I had the keys in my hand. I thought, "I know how to drive." I closed the back of the car, climbed into the front seat, started the car, put down the break, put it into reverse, pulled out of the parking space, put on the brake, put the car into drive, drove the 100 meters to my nana's driveway, pulled into the driveway, put down the brake, and put the car in park.

I only have a permit, mind you. My sister saw me, ran inside, told my mom, and I got in loads of trouble.

Except, it was a good moment because I did something I wanted (and exercised the "sometimes one must ask for forgiveness rather than permission" theory) without worrying about the future... oh, wait. I do that pretty much every second. It's fine, I guess.

Stay pretty.
All my love,


timtincher said...

That was cute. ;)

Anonymous said...

So here is the thing. I was super mad. Here is the other thing. I could tell that you were not super remorseful. And I love you anyway. It's fine. Actually not fine. love, mom