Sunday, January 16, 2011

Day 07: The souls who've shaped mine.

Katie: Blonde. Petite. Skinny. Likes sweaters. Likes boys. And boys, for that matter, like her. Plays piano beautifully. Has a legal drivers license. I like the way she writes the letter "u." Writes me notes. Taught me to love wishing. Very intelligent. Except sometimes she doesn't go to class. Talks on phone with me for hours. Has too few text messages. Got me in the habit of saying, "It's fine" after everything I say. Closest friend, probably. Lovely.

Avery: Brunette-ish. Beautiful. Afraid of haircuts. Keeps up incredible blog. Sings. Writes. Reads. Murders her weekends with books. One of two children; only child at home. Loves beautiful things. Her mom has a chocolate stash in the fridge which no one is allowed to touch. Likes an awkward boy named Jed. Wears red lipstick. Writes poetry. Loves Scott Pilgrim very much. Prefers to stay out of large social events.

Kaitlyn: Has boyfriend whom we all love. Plays guitar and uke. Wears black pants nearly every day. Has freckles. Loves white rice. Finally got drivers license. Beautiful. Loves Collin. Gets good grades. Writes for LP newspaper. Doesn't care much for sporting events. Exceptional in every way. Good at Clue the board game. Likes fashion. Hates sticky lipgloss. Skinny. Bad at communicating with said boyfriend who she won't kiss for some reason.

Collin: Is the aforementioned boyfriend. Likes funny haircuts. Cheats at all board games. Good driver. Used to listen to screamo. Going to be an intergalactic adventurer one day. Likes longboards. Wears the same hat nearly every day. Over thinks things. Messes with my speakers. Lives in a neighborhood on a hill. Loves Kaitlyn. Attractive. Has a living room chair with skis on the bottom in his garage.

Bianca: Odd friendship. Loves a boy. Is quiet. Is lovely. Very smart. Has beautiful eyes. Gorgeous hair. Boy loves her. Considers herself socially awkward: isn't really. Only person in this list who goes to my actual school. Sings. Takes hard classes. Has German family. Pays her own phone bill. Likes tamagotchis. Name is pronounced same in German and English.

Roah: Not indie only cause if he thinks he indie then he's not - ergo: he's ultra-indie. Has good sense of style. Listens to lovely music. Claims he had a tattoo. Claims he had said tattoo removed. Very brilliant. Possibly has early on-set schizophrenia. Reads books. Loves Cormic McCarthy. Wishes he was Holden Caulfield. Doesn't care much for school. Doesn't care much for authority. Plays guitar exceptionally. Writes songs. Takes pictures. Cute. Drinks tea with me. Has ex-girlfriend whom we all hate sort of.

Hannah: Has purple hair. No brothers, lots of sisters. Iphone-addict. Very smart. Crush on English teacher. Loves classical music. Plays viola. Yearbook-er. Like Ke$ha. Drives car. Sometimes a bad driver. Gorgeous. Kisses boys sometimes. Is my strength in hard times. Strong. Overcomes the worst. Photographer. Independent.

Hayley: Loves books. Loves words. Loves Noah. Devastatingly beautiful. Has gorgeous hair and cute nose. Plays soccer. Gets good grades. Intelligent. Lives too far away. Loves poetry. Has too few phone minutes. Has sister who looks exactly like her. Uses lovely words. Reads incredible books. Hangs with the boys. Strong. Independent. Loud. Perfectly petite. Noah loves her. Friend of a friend. Witty. Clever. Dashing. Very lively. Has sense of self. Incredible writer & poet.

"Do not go gentle into that good night."
All my love,


Hayley said...

Addy, I've never been more flattered. I love YOU.

Avery Jalaine said...

Aw Addy. You sure can make a girl's day brighter.

I really love that you decided to stick Roah in here; does the boy even know about this blog?

You're nice. And fantastic.