Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The problem here.

Is it odd that I remember temperatures? Well, I do. The coldest weather I have ever ran outside in is 18 degrees. Today, I ran in twenty degree weather. I was disappointed. On a separate note, I feel the need to tell all of you some things that I am grateful for.

1. Harry Potter.
2. Attractive boys.
3. Swedish fish.
4. Tofu.
5. My water bottle.
6. That there are 4 Saturdays this week.
7. The fact that the number 9 is fun to write.
8. 11:11.
9. You.
10. Red lipstick.
11. Good shoes.
12. Music in other languages. Like French or Yiddish maybe.

Also, I am a bit bitter about this "blizzard" on account of I can see all of my grass right now.

Happiest Thanksgiving.
All my love, Addy

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