Friday, November 26, 2010

Single Awareness Day and No Shave November

I was in the eighth grade when I first heard the term, "Single Awareness Day" in reference to Valentines Day. It was said with a voice full of desperation and sadness and, for a moment, I was filled with utter pity for the poor girl. But I am here to prove her wrong! Single Awareness Day is not, in fact, a bad thing! Huzzah! Single Awareness Day is the one day a year that you get to be acutely aware of your single-dom and celebrate that! It is a day for looking ugly and not having to worry. It is a day for singing songs at the top of your lungs in whatever key you like and not caring the slightest bit, on account of, you have no significant other to impress! And then there is No Shave November. It's sort of like Single Awareness Day (a.k.a. St. Valentines Day) but instead of lasting for only one day: It lasts for thirty days! What?! How. Awesome. I have not shaved my legs for 26 days. And I feel liberated. Every time I look at my legs (which are now covered in enough hair to make an expensive fur coat) I think, "Ahh! I feel good! I feel single! I feel free!" So stop complaining and stop shaving your legs. You rock.

Join the feminist movement.
All my love, Addy.

Post script: This is post number 111. Make a wish.
Post post script: Last night I discovered a pair of moccasins in my Nana's house. I was thrilled. I borrowed them. Sort of without asking.


Bianca said...

I need you to call me when you get the chance.
I told him.

Kaitlyn said...

Remember how we posted our 100 post on the same day? My most recent post is number 111.
We need to stop acting like such twins.
People probably will probably start getting confused/frustrated.