Wednesday, November 10, 2010

On the Virtues of Hayley, Noah, and Tanner.

This one's for you, guys.
Our relationship is actually rather funny, seeing as it spawned from spending too much time with my childhood friend, Harli. The first time I texted Hayley, it was after a day at the pool with Makayla and Harli and Hayley. Hayles and Makayla got in a competition to see who could stay in the icy cold pool longest, and, after and agreement that it was, in fact, a tie, Hayley got out of the pool. "I win!!" cried Makayla. And then Hayley proceeded to scream at Makayla for the better part of an hour about how they agreed it was a tie while Harli and I sat and laughed so terribly hard. (Noah: If you were not aware of how competitive Hayley is, I would break up with her now.) After that all settled down, Hayley read aloud to all of us from Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. She was thrilled to read Harry Potter, because guess what, she'd been grounded from Harry Potter books at home for the last couple weeks. And we've chatted nearly every day since. We talk about books and boys and school and music and anything else we like. Plus, we both like words. We're very funny. And we're soul sisters.

Once, I liked Tanner. As in, like liked him. It was funny. Not that Tanner isn't gorgeous and funny and attractive, but I just think it's funny. Tanner is a very talented musician. Plus, he has great hair. Once, we tried to have a Harry Potter movie marathon (we only ended up watching the first movie) and I walked into the Mitchell's front room wearing my True Religions I had gotten for Christmas that year. Tanner exclaimed, "Oh my gosh! I think we're wearing the same jeans." Never have I laughed so hard. But don't worry. Even though I just made it sound like he's gay, he's not. Tanner kissed someone once. It was a girl. I think her name was Laura or Laurie or something like that. It was very recent, too. Perhaps they kissed in the rain. Or maybe beneath a tree. It was probably very romantic. And I'm sure Tan's a very good kisser.

And then there's Noah... Well. Once, Noah nicknamed me "Peach" at Harli and Makayla's twelfth birthday party at Jump On It. And that was the last time I saw him until the Harry Potter marathon. Over that space of two years, he hit puberty and grew some sort of (oddly attractive) mullet. And I was convinced I was in love with him. Too bad he was perfect for Hayley and Hayley was perfect for him and I was perfect for somebody else who's name has already been broadcasted across the internet one too many times. Anyway. Freshman year Noah had a funeral for his mullet. They cried and burnt the hair. (Didn't that smell absolutely terrible?) Sometimes, in awkward moments, I say, "I have a friend who had a funeral for his mullet once..." And tell the story of Noah's Mullet Funeral. And everybody laughs. Noah kicks butt at soccer. And, our birthdays are twins. Yay.

Mostly, I'm so glad I've randomly become friends with these guys. What can I say? They're the greatest kids ever.
Finally, I need you guys to read this post. [Edit: is it not pulling it up for you? Just go into the January bit and read "I'm in a mood"] It's from back in January and it's some of my worst writing ever. I hate it. I sound like a melodramatic thirteen year old. But it's about the Harry Potter marathon back in January that I keep mentioning. I met Ollie there. Me and Ollie are married now. (Okay, that was a total lie. I haven't spoken to him since. I did pet his hair once.)

Go stand in an icy cold pool, kiss Laura/Laurie/Lacey/Lamb under trees, and grow a mullet.
All my love, Addy.

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hahahah You're so rude. ;) I love that picture. XD