Tuesday, November 9, 2010

I have lots of talents.

I'm learning something really important. It's okay to like myself just the way I am. Because I have many talents.
1.) I am really good at basing things on emotion instead of actual facts.
2.) I am good at making really ugly faces for pictures.
3.) I am good at not doing my hair.
4.) I am good at looking presentable with minimal makeup.
5.) I am great at not getting up on time.
6.) I am good at making darkly sarcastic remarks at terribly inappropriate times.
7.) I rock at sleeping during first period.
8.) I'm a fantastic procrastinator.
9.) I can pull off red lipstick. (I think.)
10.) I am good at blogging (right?).
11.) I rarely miss 11:11.
12.) I have a nice laugh.
13.) I am smart.
14.) My voice isn't half bad.
15.) I rock at being late for things.
16.) I can stare at him at not even notice I am doing so for several minutes at a time.
17.) I have very loopy handwriting. Someone even once said that it matches my mind. Thanks.

Wish on stars. And even airplanes.
All my love, Addy.

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