Saturday, October 30, 2010

Can someone say, "PERFECTION"?

Because that would be the only way to describe how these last days have been. Namely yesterday. It was simply the most perfect day that ever occurred. For one, it was pre-Halloween. I enjoy Halloween. I didn't dress up for school. It just didn't quite feel right, you know? Cause it wasn't real Halloween. I'll probably dress up as a witch or a cat or something today, even though it's still pre-Halloween.
Anyway. I did wear my favorite jeggings and my mom's old cheer sweater and my maroon-ish Vans and it was cool. Some very funny boys at my school started a ping-pong tournament without a table, but rather using a hallway during lunch break. They were probably the three most entertaining boys that I have ever discovered. (They even wore short shorts, tall socks, and sweat bands.) Obviously, not everyone loved the ping-pong game as much as I, and it did cause a few fiascoes and swear words to be spewn when grouchy high school students were asked to "please respect the game" and "stay close to the edge of the hallway, please."
I also then learned that Lone Peak had an early afternoon football game right after school, so I rushed home and did a chore or two and rushed up to LP and guess what. I wasn't even bothered by the "old friends." I just happily enjoyed my real friends and talked to people I missed and didn't bother myself with Talon (who, by the way, played extremely well, but what else is new?).
After the game, three of my favorite boys picked us up and we headed to the Colemere's to jam. And eat baby cinnamon rolls. And play pool. And have a piano recital. And watch dance videos on YouTube.
But, of course, no day is perfect without a dance or two. I snuck into a LP dance, but turns out it's very easy, especially when your aunt teaches there. And, of course, no dance is complete without friends and Nathan Stukey dressed as a Jabawokee and having Parker finally teach my how to Charleston.
What a beautiful day.

Don't take candy from strangers... Oh, wait, do.
All my love, Addy

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