Sunday, October 31, 2010

Life moves too much.

But Matt's shoes will always smell like fire. No matter how much he wears them, they always will. I love that.
I love that Avery will always be afraid of haircuts.
I love that Kate will always play the piano and write in the same cute handwriting and never fail to get me my notes she's written.
I love that Harli and Hayley will always live very near each other and never stop being funny.
I love that Nathan Stukey will always be... Very Nathan-ly.
And I love how Zach Lee will always keep the cold air on - even in the winter.
I love that Parker will always call me Oprah and tell me that we should throw a therapy session.
I love that Gabe will never know what we wrote on the bottom of his shoe freshman year.
I love that Parker will always be the greatest gentleman with the funniest baby pictures.
And I love that Kaitlynn and I will always be twins.
I love how Collin White will always be associated with to techno music and the time we played Apples to Apples in his basement.
I love Tim and Welson simply for being Tim and Welson.
I love that Ben will always blog funny things and play the guitar and write brilliant songs.
I love that Emily will always be in my Journalism class and feel like she still lives in my neighborhood even though she moved away nearly a year ago.
I love that the Colemere's house will always be very full of people and music and shoes that smell like fire.
I love that Laura will always text me when something scary happens.
And I love that I am considering getting a Dark Mark tattooed on my forearm.

Go read good books and eat rice.
All my love, Addy


Kaitlyn said...

I like that we are twins too.
Plus I like our conversations via texting.
they usually make me laugh to myself in public places, it's fine

timtincher said...