Saturday, August 21, 2010

In case you were curious...

In case you were curious, school starts on Wednesday.
And in case you were curious about my opinion on that, I'll tell you:
I'm pissed.
In a related story, I have a huge crush on a boy.
But shhh. That's a secret.

Here: take a list of things I am thinking about (a.k.a. Mad About).
1-School. Don't even ask. I'm far from happy about it.
2-Not getting to go to school with "A Boy."
3-Not getting to go to school with Katie.
4-Not getting to go to school with Avery.
5-Aliens have yet to attack.

(In case you didn't notice, all of these are related to school. Disregarding aliens, of course.)

Here: take another list. But this is of stuff that I am glad about.
1-Today I bought jeggings.
2-Today is good.
3-Today my mom liked my jeggings.
4-The word jeggings is, like, an actual word.
5-Tonight will be fun.
6-My hair cooperated today.
7-MLIA is a fabulous website.
8-Yayy! I am happier about more things than I am mad about!

Here: take a six-word memoir I wrote:
"Is this legal?'
"Even better."

Here: take my opinion on something you don't care about:
Techno music. I love it, I believe.

This is Addy saying,
"Stay pretty."
Over and out.

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