Monday, August 23, 2010

Heaven help me. I'm writing run on sentences.

I'm very worried about a lot of things right now like the fact that I am starting my sophomore year on Wednesday (that's the day after tomorrow) at a new school where I know no one except for like a hundred people which is actually a lot but I don't want to go to this school anyway, I want to go to the other high school where my really closest friends are going like Katie and all my favorite people like Avery and Parker and them and I don't want to go to my own football games cause I've never gone to them before and I've been going to the other high school games with people I love for years and, oh my goodness, summer is legitimently over and I'm terribly depressed about this fact and I like someone maybe except I kind of don't really know what to think and I don't know what he thinks and Sarah has to go to back to Oregon eventually and I don't want her to go and I'm finally fifteen which is super exciting but it isn't sixteen and I have to go get a driving permit which is super scary and I can't drive and I want to just accept everything and let it all be but it isn't accepting and it isn't being and I'm very very stressed and very very scared and HOLY CRAP WHEN DID IT BECOME FREAKING SIX-O-CLOCK?!


McKenzie said...

oh addy you make me smile. i too hate to see summer come to an end. but i'm sending you luck through this comment for wed. LUCK!

Kaitlyn said...

Dearest Addy,
I felt the same way.. starting high school (last year)
And don’t spend too much time worrying,
because it will all work out(: promise.
you will have a fabulous year.

Avery Jalaine said...

Dear Addy,

I love you. And I was just about suicidal since you hadn't posted in nearly a month.

Today at high school I couldn't help but sigh and think, 'what if Addy were here?' And the answer is: 'I would be having lots and lots more fun right now'. Wish you came to Lone Peak.

Let's play with sidewalk chalk or something very very soon because I miss you.


sarah said...

addy my love...
all i have to sayy...
get two beers and jump.

you will be just fine,
stop focusing on the negative,
and remember, you are alive..
if thats not worth smiling about
then i dont know what is..
well i do, seeing asay in jeans.
but other than that.
life is worth smiling about but it would be better if she would wear jeans... hahah. (:
i love you.
i hope you read this and pee yourself.
actually dont,
thats gross.
do you like skittles?
cause im craving some.
you are at school right now.
thats not cool
but you are cool
so maybe that makes school cool?
nope... still doesnt.
i have to stop rambling.
i love you.
thats all.