Monday, May 31, 2010

Things That Irk Me - A New Monday Tradition

(I've decided to start an adventure fund. It will be for spontaneous adventures with the people that I love. I can't wait. Good idea?)
I pretty much hate Mondays. I'm rather like Garfield in that aspect. They pretty much suck. Actually, during the summer, they aren't half bad. But during the school year they just suck. It's early out, but that doesn't help at all. It's like, the weekend is over and you have to wake up early and life is starting again and teachers will abuse you and you'll probably wake up late without even trying and then go to school looking like a spider monkey did your hair that morning while holding you captive and you were also trying to stop a shark from eating you while the spider monkey had you duct taped to a chair and was trying to do your hair.
So yeah, I hate Mondays.
And in honor of the fact that I hate Mondays (and because Jake still hasn't called me and I can't quite get the nerve to call him myself in the sparse moments when I get phone privileges) I've decided to start a new Monday tradition called... (insert drumroll here)... "Things That Irk Me On Mondays."
I'm all for alliterations, don't get me wrong, I think they are great writing technique that never gets old. Something like, "growing, gleaming, great, glorious giraffes were gnawing on my ginormous grape-flavored gunk." Like, that's excellent.
Well, this morning we were driving down Bluff street when I happened upon a sign saying:
"Katering Koncepts"
First of all, neither "catering" or "concepts" begins with a K. So, your alliteration is fine. If your argument is that it looks better spelled with a K, then please, by all means, take that up with my spit-fire honors English teacher who will chew you out so fast you'll feel like.... Like a spider monkey has duct taped you to a chair and is trying to do your hair while you are trying to stop a shark from eating you.
Just down the street from my house there is a gas station called "Kountry Korner." Like, really?
Anyway. Have a happy Monday.[:
Stay pretty.
-Addy* Sue

P.S. I dreamed about Jarrett last night. I dreamed he wasn't mad at me. I dreamed we were back at my old school and we were sluffing class together and he sat with me and talked to me about how much he loves Kenzie and I was so happy to have my best friend back. And then I woke up. And he and Kenzie got in a fight today. And Jake still hasn't called me. And I just want to hear his voice or something. I miss him - Jarrett. I miss Jake, too.
P.P.S. Kat has mono again. I miss her a lot, too.

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