Sunday, May 30, 2010

Feeling The Need To Write Something Worth Reading

(I love this photo. It's the wallpaper on my Ipod. I want it blown up and put on my wall. Cause it's gorgeous. And very me.)

I usually hate reading Hyperbole and a Half or Go Ask Avery because then I come back to my own blog and realize that I am not funny like they are. They are just funny people. I can't help but laugh. My own funniness is slightly witty, rather perverted, and spur of the moment. WHY CAN'T I BE FUNNY LIKE AVE AND ALI BROSH?!? Ugh.
So, I figured I'd come here and try to write something funny and random/exciting.
But here's the thing:
But the problem with that one is the fact that it is still "family time" and therefore I am still phoneless, so, in the instance that he actually decides to call me, I will not answer the phone. Which would probably be much more heartbreaking for me than for him even though I wish that it would be way more heartbreaking for Jake than for me. This. Is. Sadness. At. It's. Worst.
My cousin Daxton discovered the doorbell this morning at about seven am and realized that it can be one of THE MOST ANNOYING THINGS EVER and proceeded to ring it non-stop for like seven and a half minutes straight (this is not an exaggeration) and everyone thought someone else would go get him and make him stop but NO ONE DID.
Pretty much, we spent the morning playing wiffle ball on the lawn bowling lawn against the Jensens and pretty much I realized just how sport-ically challenged I happen to be. I cried inside and disappointed my father. Every time I would get up to bat everybody would be all, "Watch the ball to the end of the bat!" or "Straight swing, c'mon, straight swing!" or "She's really batting again?" or "Waaaaaaa."
Plus, I miss EVERYONE. Like we're at the grocery store the first night we got here and there was some tall, muscle-y, jock-y boys with tall socks, sneakers, and shorts. And I'm like, "Ohmygosh. Someone call the fashion police." And then I feel all sad cause it reminds me of Dawson and Dallin and Talon and I'm like, "Waaa. I miss them!" So then I put in my Ipod so I will stop thinking about how I miss my homies and hit shuffle and then "Dark Blue" by Jack's Mannequin comes on and I'm like, "Ohmygosh. I love this song." And then I am just like, "Waaaa!" Cause it makes me miss Parker and Ben. So then we go home and decide to go for a walk. And then there was a hill. And Sophie and Brooke proceeded to roll down that hill and I'm like, "Ohmygosh. I enjoy rolling down hills, too." And then I am just like, "Waaaaaaaaa!!! I miss Jarrett!!!" Cause he LOVESLOVESLOVES rolling down hills and he's mad at me and we haven't spoken for like almost a week. So then I called Katie Corrin cause I miss her SO MUCH and she's like, "Ohmygosh. So Zack (our good friend) apparently has a new girlfriend that isn't Hannah (our other good friend)." And I'm like, "Kat. Of course he has a new girlfriend that isn't Hannah cause him and Hannah broke up like a month and a half ago, love." And she proceeds to tell me a very dramatic story about how she and Ave and Bree stalked Zack ALL THE WAY TO HIS NEW GIRLFRIEND'S HOUSE. And I'm all, "WAAAAAAAA!!!!" Cause I miss Katie and Avery and Bree and Zack and Hannah.
So I woke up this morning after the doorbell incident and moped for a bit cause I miss everyone especially Kat and my mom was like, "Addy. You can't have your phone cause it makes you wish you weren't here." And I got all up in a fizzle cause I didn't actually have my phone, I had hers and just cause I miss everyone doesn't mean I don't want to be here, for goodness sakes, it just means I miss everyone and so I'm like, "I'M NOT ALLOWED TO MISS ANYONE?!?!" And my dad, being my dad is all, "No." And I was like, "WAAAAAAAAA!!!!"
WAAAAAAAA!!! I really miss everyone and I REALLY WANT JAKE TO CALL ME!!!!
Whatever. Stay pretty. Remember to wear sunblock or your boobs will burn and it will hurt like heck. I promise. I know.
-Addy* Sue

P.S. Also, last night, Talon and I fell in love... He held my hand even though his hands were totally different sizes and we wandered around our school and he kissed me... Then I woke up.


McKenzie said...

you are so funny ms addy sue. enjoy the away time! {just a little secret, i'm terrible at miniature golfing. I have to cheat.}

Avery Jalaine said...

Oh wait, I read this and I loved you more. And obviously you have a very broad range of what's funny because my blog is at the low end of that scale. Also, I hope Jake calls you a lot. And if he does maybe I'll come and spy on you because it's fun to look at him. <-- creepy. Last-also, I almost died of laughter at 'Remember to wear sunblock or your boobs will burn and it will hurt like heck. I promise. I know.' That's tooooooooooo funny. Oh wait, one more also and it is: I love every single one of your waaaaa's. I laughed every time and my mom was like "Avery are you okay?" and I was like "Sorry but I can't answer because I'm laughing too hard and you wouldn't understand, Mother." You're the best.