Saturday, May 29, 2010

The End of School... Boys... Cousins... And for Sophie, who is reading this and is sad I didn't mention her in my title, SOPHIE!!

(Does anyone else LOVE Audrey Hepburn? She's so classy!)
The last week of school is pointless. Seriously. You're not even allowed to turn in late work - not that I've tried or anything. You don't do anything. You sit. And watch movies. And also watch dust conglomerate on the windowsill.
Katie Corrin and I had a sluffing party that lasted pretty much the entire week. This occurred because we realized that it would probably be much more proactive to wander around campus singing songs and pretending we know how to longboard on longboards confiscated by our favorite teacher than sitting and watching dust conglomerate. We graded some papers for our favorite teacher during our sluffing party which was loads of fun, cause she went and got us some Del Taco (yay!!).
Katie Corrin: I bet you can't put a whole package of hot sauce on your taco.
Me: I bet I can put two!! (I begin to eat my taco.)
(Okay, we're a little competitive.)
Me: OHMYGOSH!! I THINK I AM GOING TO DIE!! (I proceed to run maniacally down the hallway to the nearest drinking fountain, screaming my lungs out, being stared at by normal people who have spent their day watching dust conglomerate on the windowsill.)
Katie: (laughter, laughter, laughter.)
(She's finding this whole experience very funny, Katie is. Though wasn't particularly funny for the individual whose tongue is positively burning off.)
That was probably the most exciting part of our sluffing party, as even sluffing on the last week of school is mostly pointless.
The last week of school is ridiculous, is basically where this story is going.
Monday, talent show. Tuesday, Reality Town. Stupidest. Thing. Ever. Seriously. (Back me up on this one, Kat.) Also, I rode my bike to school on this day, which was truly lovely. Wednesday, Boondocks with the ninth grade, which was stupid as can be. It didn't really help that I was making myself sick over Jarrett and Kenzie being in love and the fact that Katie decided not to come and called me at noon and had just rolled out of bed. Thursday, 5k (which I slept through, thank goodness) and yearbook day (read the link to that, as I believe Avery to be the funniest girl ever and her take on yearbook day is ridiculously hilairious). Friday, Battle of the Bands, which is lame as heck.
Thursday, though, was pretty much the funniest nights of my life. Katie and I walked over to Lone Peak (we were both on one, too, which made everything on our walk loads funnier) and snuck into a dance - I mean, we "forgot" our student ID's. It was black light and Kathryn and I attacked each other with highlighters and then, THEN: I fell in love.
Here's the issue. He's Julia's (whom I adore) ex-boyfriend. And I am rather scared she will be mad at me for being in love with him. He is wonderful. Like, really. And he might like me, maybe. But I don't want to get my hopes up. The best part of the story is that the only reason we know each other is because of Julia. And him and Julia aren't really friends anymore and Jules and I rarely talk now... And Jake and I USED to talk about Julia a lot... And now we don't... Yay!!! (For Sophie, who is reading this and thinking it is rude because I am happy that we don't talk about Julia anymore, that is not to say that I don't love Jules. What it IS to say, is that now we talk about things like music and each other and friends and sometimes we just sing loudly and off-key to whatever song is playing even though we both have rather lovely voices. There. Better, Soph?)
Ave and Kat and I ended up stranded on the lawn at Lone Peak on Friday night for like an hour - thank goodness Lu showed up or we never would've made it home. (And for Sophie who is reading this and thinks it is stupid that we didn't just walk home cause "it isn't that far" it was like eleven at night and a rapist would've come and attacked us.) There was some happy couple lying on the lawn and us... Which is always exciting cause I'm pretty sure we were being super embarrassing by discussing them loudly and audibly and making several too many "that's what she said" jokes. Lu finally showed up randomly with two lunchables that we munched upon happily, praying it would not be our last meal, until Lu's parental figure finally showed. Right now, I am sitting on the couch at St. George with my favorite cousins (and for Sophie, who is reading this and is offended that I didn't mention she is sitting next to me as well, Sophie is sitting next to me, too) and NOT my best friend who was SUPPOSED to come with us and DIDN'T, listening to some Daphne Willis "Love and Hate." Great. Song.
I am technically not allowed to have my phone the WHOLE TIME we are on vacation because family vacations are classified as 24/7 "family time." Waaaa. It's okay. The family's lovely.
Plus, my knees are burnt. Waaaa.
Anyway. Don't freak out about too much and try not to overreact when boys talk to you. Remember to smile and stay pretty.
-Addy* Sue


McKenzie said...

favorite cousin? favorite cousin? how can that be when i'm sitting at my home with my chillins in bed working on primary stuff? ;D

I'm glad you're enjoying st. george. so fun!

and yes, i too ADORE audrey!

Avery Jalaine said...

Oh well guess what: I love your blog. Can anyone say "Addy, you're hilarious"? Omigosh, I've been reading back to like March or something, and you've probably been bumped up to #1 on my Favorite People List. Also, I love the pictures you post. Also-also, I love you. This is a gold mine.