Monday, June 27, 2011


I think in English. (As much as I'd like to think in French, I don't.)

Claudio and Carolina think in Italian.

In Paris, people think in French.

So tell me: What language do deaf people think in? Like, really. I'm extremely curious.

Who cares if he's shorter than I am? Because that accent is incredibly god-like.
All my love,


sarah said...

are you in love with claudio?
isnt he adorable(:

mallorypark said...

okay, not to be a creeper and comment on every post you post, but SERIOUSLY!!!! how do deaf people think?!!!

i'm so glad other people think about that. i haven't met another who has wondered that.

but according to my friend who is an offspring of a deaf person, they think in SIGN!


okay, done being a creeper.

Sierra Baird said...

Good question. Language is a means to express our thoughts, but I would say that our thoughts aren't governed by language. Although I do believe that the two influence each other.

Deaf people think the same way we do, they just use a different language to express those thoughts.

P.S. I love your blog!

Love, Sierra (your cousin/linguist/person who uses sign language on a daily basis)