Friday, January 14, 2011

Day 05: Love.

Love is the way I watch his lips move when he talks.

Love is the way I feel about Katie and Avery and Bianca and Kaitlyn and Mallory and Hannah and the girls.

"What Is Love?" is a song by nevershoutnever.

Love is my hair when it's curly.

Love is the way I feel about the changes that have occured lately.

Love is the heartbreak when we saw her lying in bed, hairless and frail.

Love is the way our French class last year became some weird little family.

Love is the ukulele on my floor.

Love is September Vogue.

Love is rivalry basketball games.

Love is spontaneous complements.

Love is a feeling of both belonging to something and not belonging to anything at all at the very exact same time.


Dani said...

I really kind of miss our weird little family.

Cam said...

I really liked this.