Thursday, January 13, 2011

Day 04: No one wants to hear about what I ate.

So instead of writing about what I ate today, I had this whole entire post set up about why everything is fine even though it was all completely a sarcastic, cynical complaint about my life and why I am stressed. So I deleted it. Because in real life, everything is fine. Even if it's also entirely imperfect. The following is a list of thirteen reasons everything is fine. In real life.

1.) Jake Meyer told me I look good. Everyday. It's fine.
2.) The English girls read my blog. It's fine.
2b.) As does Karissa. It's fine.
3.) My hair is soft today. It's fine.
4.) I spoke to Dakota for a total of three seconds. It's fine.
5.) I still think Cache is the cutest thing ever. Plus, I still want him a teeny, teeny bit. Mostly, I think, because I now know he likes someone else. Which made the day exciting because I got to stare at him and laugh at his jokes and hope he laughed at mine. It's fine.
6.) I got to see that boy that I actually love whose name I refuse to put on the internet cause no one can know. Except for Katie and Avery and Hayley and Bianca and Ari and Sarah and Shelbie and Mallory and Karissa. But that's all. No one else can know. The point is, I saw him and we chatted and I was entirely smitten by his charm and lovely good looks. It's fine.
7.) My grades are okay. They aren't as good as I'd like them to be, but they're okay. They're better. It's fine.
8.) Today was Thursday. As in, The Almost Friday. That's good. It's fine.
9.) I get to cover the LP/AF game for some newspaper thing I don't really understand, but I'm still ultra-excited. It's fine.
10.) Talking of newspaper, I feel really good about my piece for this month. It's fine.
11.) It's nearly February, and you know what February means! That's right! National Bird-Feeding Month! It's fine.
12.) We came into Journalism today to find pictures of cats in tutus and cats in teacups and cats curled up looking at you with pleading eyes on all of our computers. Mrs. L-S stuck them up. She's weird and probably my favorite woman ever. I desire to be be her very best friend even though she's my teacher. It's fine.
13.) Tomorrow, I shall nap. The quarter shall be over and everything shall be fine. I will refuse to worry and I will have a fresh start. My new year officially begins tomorrow.

Everything, per usual, is fine. I'm sure of it.

Bake something tasty.
All my love,


Avery Jalaine said...

Oh hey Addy Sue.

Whatcha up to this weekend? Playing with Avery? Oh okay.

This is a silly post; your disregard to the rules of Bandwagon are inspiring.

Anonymous said...

kudos on your grades! love mom