Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Some things.

Dear Shy Awkward Girl In My English Class Who Isn't Sure Who Her Friends Are,

I am so honored that you read my blog. To be frank, I'm not sure who you are. But if you want to tell me who you are, that would be wonderful - because I want to be your friend. Then again, if you would like to remain anonymous, that is your choice.
There are some things I would like you to know: Being shy and awkward is beautiful. One of my best friends, Bianca, claims to be "painfully shy and socially awkward." I think she is one of the most lovely people alive. I, too, am awkward. And I have embraced that. It's fine! In fact, it's more than fine to be awkward, it's wonderful.
Second, you will find friends in unusual places. Not to mention, unusual friends. I've been in your situation, and I understand that it is one of the hardest places an adolescent girl can find herself. Don't change yourself. People you love will come into your life. They will love you and care for you and respect you. Stand up for yourself and what you believe in, and people who will stand with you will climb into your heart.
You are very smart; you are beautiful in every single way.

Empower yourself.
All my love, Addy

P.S. Dear Square-sush: so glad you found my blog. xoxx, Addy.


timtincher said...

Ah. How nice. :)

Kaitlyn said...

I like your 'moment of this day'.
I feel pretty honored.

Let's go on a really adventurous adventure soon.


Bianca said...

Oh! That's me. :)

Anonymous said...

You don't know who i am, then again maybe you do. But either way, once upon a time i was probably a different shy awkward girl in your english class who went unnoticed by most people and because i know who you are, i can say this: i may have given anything to have actually heard this from you that once upon a time some years ago. i love this and let's please pretend that it isn't weird that i read you blog.