Saturday, December 25, 2010

Happy Christmas, Harry!

It doesn't quite feel like Christmas around here. I mean, everyone's overjoyed and kind and spreading the spirit of the season, but it came so fast. Plus, the grass outside of my house is green as can be. But it doesn't really matter, because it's been such a beautiful day anyway! I got a ukulele (I've learned probably twenty songs since this morning, too) and a bunch of notebooks. Santa obviously knows I have an odd inkling to write constantly. I even got a journal for insomniacs - which is very fitting, on account of I am an insomniac who loves to journal. Huzzah. I sketched a picture of Ron in his maroon "R" sweater (back in the good old days when Mrs. Weasley sent all of her children sweaters for Christmas) shouting "Happy Christmas, Harry!" I signed it saying, "Happy Christmas from the Harry Potter nerd living amongst you." No one in my entire family has ever read Harry Potter except for me. Sad, isn't it? How was your Christmas? As smashing as mine? I hope it was. You certainly deserve it.

"Dwell in possibility."
All my love and Christmas wishes, Addy


Writergirl101 said...

I miss you.....

Anonymous said...

Dear Addy

Thanks. Thanks for having minimal make-up days. It reminds me that beauty does not solely rely on outward appearances. Thanks for being smart. Thanks for being your own self. Thanks for looking at the small things. Thanks for being in love. We all deserve that. :)


The awkward shy girl in your English class who isn't sure who her friends are.

square_sush said...

Oh, Miss Addy, how I miss you... Was talking to some of the other girls on Smith yesterday/today, and they gave me your blog!! Now I can stalk you and read the lovely things that you always have to say. ^_^
I definitely enjoyed reading a few of your more-recent posts.
Not gonna lie, I've been needing some cheer. Indiana is all gloom-and-clouds. xD
Much love, Sushii