Sunday, December 5, 2010

Notes from myself.

Every step I took today. Every step I took was accompanied by: "You are not funny. You are not pretty. You are not young anymore. You are not good enough. You do not have the enthusiasm for life that you used to. You do not get good grades. You do not have any friends. You not enough for anyone - let alone good enough for yourself," the footsteps said. My parents asked me why I was so angry. I cried. "I am not proud of myself anymore." Step. "You are not funny." Step. "You are not pretty." Step. "You are fat." Step. "You suck." Step. "You are a terrible person." FALSE.

I am me. I am me and I am good enough. I am me and I am good enough and I do not need your approval.

Stay pretty. (You already are.)
All my love, Addy


McKenzie said...

Addy Sue. You are not just "good enough" you are AWESOME! do you know what your witty blog does to my day. you are AWESOME!! -stay pretty ;)

Collin Edward White said...

just found/read your blog for the first time. Most elated to find myself on the "oh-so-loved" list.


Alexis Campbell said...

of course i don't know you because i just came upon your blog, but by your writing, you're so cute. i love your blog and i love your personality that comes through your posts. i want to say you're in high school by your apology post? college is sooooo much better!! just wait!!...minus finals hehe you may be like me: