Thursday, December 2, 2010

Hopeless cases and funny, funny stories.

He is tall, certainly not dark, but very, very handsome. Sometimes I wonder what he would do if I just walked up and kissed him. He'd probably make some sarcastic comment and walk away. I wouldn't regret it in the slightest. I'm a hopeless case. What're you planning to do about it? I'm feeling empty of good post ideas. I felt like I could possibly write about Perfect Boy Whom I Love, but then I started to freak out when I remembered that the entire internet can read what I write, not to mention my blog was published in the school newspaper (thanks, Liz) last month and now, if my entire high school wants to read my soul, they can just open up the school paper for directions to my soul-house. But I wrote about him anyway. (I learned the other day that it is "anyway" not "anyways." Thanks for making me sound much more intelligent, my dear Kaitlyn.) I feel like Scott Pilgrim: "I was thinking about asking you out but then I realized how stupid that sounded. So do you want to go out sometime?" Ha.

Here's a funny story: When I was little, my parents used to ground me from my books. They still do. It's fine.

Here's another funny story: In Human Biology and Bioethics, there are two hispanic kids who sit in the back if the class and never talk. Today, in class, we were watching the news, when some pictures of a four guys who are at the head of an auto theft ring came up on the screen. Boy one proclaimed loudly to boy two: "Hey, we know that guy!" and pointed at the screen. Boy two replied, "Hey! Yeah, we do!" The class absolutely lost it. It was positively hysterical.

Also, yesterday I went to the library. I checked out The Road by Cormic McCarthy and The Catcher in the Rye by J.D. Salinger. Then the librarian invited me to join book club. (I did, obviously, on account of, I LOVE BOOKS!!) Then I found out we had a poetry club. I joined. We discussed one of my poems. I love poetry club! Then, my favorite English teacher lent me The Princess Bride by William Goldman. (Fun fact: The Princess Bride happens to be Perfect Boy Whom I Love's favorite book.) I have lots of books. Plus, I'm in book club and poetry club and I am terribly, terribly thrilled.

Maybe you should kiss someone nice. Or lick a rock. Or both.
All my love, Addy


Cam said...

Dear Addy,
I love you.

Mallory and Hannah said...

maybe you should cut our own hair. 'cause that could be so funny.

Mallory and Hannah said...

and oh my gosh the picture at the top of your blog is from funny face. i watched that last night. easily in my top five favorites.
oh, how amazing.

Hayley said...

1. The Road is my favorite book EVER.
2. I got invited to a poetry reading by a college kid the other night, would you like to accompany me?
3. I love you and your blog.