Friday, October 22, 2010


I hate facts. Because sometimes, facts suck. They say things like, "If you want to not be fat, you need to sleep and eat healthy things and run and stuff." That's a fact. Another fact? "Boys are really stupid." I'm not a huge fan of that fact either. Or possibly, "Your Ipod broke and the new Ipod that is really old that you are using just froze and is being a meanie." Or sometimes, facts say, "We used to be really best friends and then something happened inside of us and it is uber weird now." That's a fact.
But sometimes, on rare occasions, facts say something like, "Bianca is nice and I really like her and she is becoming the oddest best friend I have ever acquired in all of my life." Or, "Hayley is reading my blog and I love her." Maybe they say, "Mallory and Hannah are awesome and cute." Or possibly, "We sat and laughed together for nearly an hour today and no one else in the whole wide world mattered right then because he has beautiful eyes and I'm positively joyful about the whole ordeal." Or sometimes they say, "I get to work at a wedding tonight." Of course, these are very nice facts and I am terribly glad that they are real, actual facts and not just fragments of my over-worked imagination.

I wore a a bright pink sweater today, too. That is how beautiful this day was.
Nothing can ruin this beautiful day. ("Nothing," Katie would say, "Except for forgetting your chapstick.)

Fall in love.
All my love, Addy


Katie said...

Hahahaha. The chap stick thing made me laugh so hard. I love you.

bianca said...

I really like Addy. She is kind and funny and looks good in pink sweaters. And has exceptionally nice hair. The facts say so.