Saturday, April 17, 2010

I believe I like Springtime

In the last bit of time...

a: Sarah Barrus (one of my absolute favorite partners in crime) came down from Oregon to visit. We laughed and hugged each other and talked about boys much.

b: I have completely died a social death and sold my soul to the musical. I should be used to this by now.

c: I went to a soccer game yesterday evening. It was lovely. Although, I didn't really pay much attention, rather, my friend and I choose the most attractive boys on the teams... I like soccer games. [:

d: I nearly died on a longboard. At the soccer game I attemped to ride down a massive hill. I became very close friends with the ground. I was laughed at. There is a reason I don't longboard.

e: I walked to Walmart to pick up half a gallon of ice cream and some cleaning supplies for my mother last night. Would someone please explain to me why the whole world seems to spend their Friday night running around Walmart? I thought that most people had lives. I stand corrected.

f: I went to Hazel's soccer game. It was nice... Although rather less exciting than watching a high school male soccer team. They just are always much more attractive.

g: I left Hazie's game and went over to Christian's (another one of my favorite partner's in crime) house, who has a date to Spring Fling this night and did not know, as of noon this morning, what he was wearing. I helped solve this problem.

h: Christian talked me into going to work with him. He is a janitor at the elementary school. We took his little brother Kaleb. It was the most hysterical afternoon of my life.

i: I cleaned my room. *Sigh.*

j: I went to dinner with my family. Except my daddy is out of town. So it was... Quiet.

k: I came home. I now have homework to do. I am crying inside.

l: I think I am heading out later. I believe I will go to the stake dance for a bit and probably hit Collin's SMUG dance over at My Noah's.

m: I miss Katie (Kat). She is grounded. I am bawling. I basically should just be grounded as well, as my life is really rather boring without her. I cannot remember the last dance I went to without her. Katheryn Corrin? I love you. Please be good. Call me.

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