Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Feminism, Alice, Glee, Thank yous

Hello! Tickets for the show can be bought at the the door. Don't feel at all obligated to come, but I would love it if you did.

Any other Gleeks out there? I have a new obsession with Glee. It is a lovely show, and I think you all should watch it. The most recent episode (The Power of Madonna) was a feminist shoutout, and being, a feminist, I adored it.

I've been thinking recently. How do you thank someone for something? I have had several people do things for me that have meant so much to me recently. I had such a horrible week and people just picked me up and got me through it. How do you express to someone what they mean to you? And that the things they have done mean the world to you? Because they do. Thank you.

On the subject of feminism, I had to throw in the quote from Alice in Wonderland, which is a lovely movie with a lovely feminist message.

Thank you all for everything.
Have an awesome day.

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Katie said...

Adds. Do you realize that you posted this at exactly 3:33 yesterday? I believe you may wish on that. :)