Saturday, February 13, 2010

What if it ends today?

What if it ends today?
Here is my challenge to you.
And I will do the same.
Today, tommorow, sometime within the next three days after you read this,
I want you to do three things:
1.) Tell your family you love them.
Call them, write them notes, send them letters, write them a big note and hang it on the fridge.
But tell them you love them.
2.) Tell your friends you love them.
To your best friends, write them notes, give them a call.
To those that have made you smile even just once, next time you see them,
tell them you love them.
Just say it.
3.) Think of one person that you love a lot.
Someone that has made a real difference in your life,
someone outside of your immediate family,
or your close friends,
someone who may or may not know it,
and tell them thank you.
Tell them you love them.
Call them up, track them down, write them a letter, drive to their house.
But make a big deal about it.
Because they deserve it.
Because what if it ends today?
Wouldn't you want them to know?
Because for me, Valentines day is not about two people falling in love and going to overpriced fancy resturants for dates that no one will remember after the next couple of years.
For me, Valentines is about love.
Loving the people who have
made a difference,
made you smile,
made you you.
So comment, post, call me, write me, and tell me how your day goes.
Tell me about the challenges, tell me about the people that you love.
I want to hear about it.
a very happy valentines.
to you,


katheryn baird said...

I LOVE YOU! You are so cute, and I just love reading your blog. You should be a jounalist or something.

McKenzie said...

I love this! You are so cute. I'll so do it! I agree with Kat you should be a journalist or writer. You are very inspiring. Thanks! I LOVE YOU! Happy V-day.