Saturday, February 20, 2010

My New Obsession

I've heard him before.
And ohmygosh he's excellent.
With witty lyrics, stunning voice, plays an amazing guitar, serious ukelele.
oh, 'n plus he's super super hott. [:
He just released his first full album, What is Love?
But anyway, I fell in love with on of his songs - "She's Got Style" - and kinda forgot about him.
Well, until Kat wrote the lyrics to "Happy" on the outside of one of her notes to me.
And as of this morning,
I am obsessed with Christofer Drew Ingle.
The 19 year old vegan teenage boy from Missouri who makes incredible music under the name Nevershoutnever.

And I love him.


katheryn baird said...

never heard of him. i will now have to check him out. thanks for sharing. love ya

ellie said...

DUDE. they are THE BEST.
I saw them in concert last..november.
I love losing it&did it hurt&hummingbird&troublemy friend Jane&here goes nothing.
basically they are just really good.
You might lke backseat goodbye too.
there pretty good kind of the same style.

Karl-Edwin Guerre said...

I'm going to look into least his music.