Saturday, January 2, 2010

im in a mood

im in a very strange mood.
i am feeling very very many things all at once.
i dont want to use proper puncutation or capitolization today.
i apologize to all you grammar nazis.
i had a quote unquote "harry potter marathon"
last night
with my favorite cousin and her friends.
we only got through the first movie, and then we ate pancakes.
i am thinking that i will marry draco malfoy.
he is just misunderstood.
we ran out of syrup though.
("do you like sugar, buddy? does syrup have sugar? yes. yeeees.")
and then this morning,
i slept until 11:00.
like i said, i am feeling very many things at once.

1. joy
2. happiness
3. sleepy
4. sugary

i have figured out my problem!
so remember how we ran out of syrup? yes?
teenagers cannot really live without sugar
so we drenched our pancakes in corn syrup.
that is what is making me feel all funny inside.
because i am not sad.
and i am not angry.
i am still sleepy.
but my insides are all coated in sugar!!
there are 10 grams of sugar in two tablespoons of corn syrup.
it is rather fantastic.

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