Tuesday, January 26, 2010

I have some very funny friends

& I thought I would post my favorite quotes from them:

Daniel: "Sorry. It's just been a long day." (He usually says this very early in the morning, mind you.)

Katie: "Do whatever you like, but I'm not going to be your surrogate mother."

Savanna: "You're all alone with your cute sweater!" *frowns*
(I mention that I will marry Jack Sparrow) "Too bad. We're already married."

Mrs. Asay (My very favorite teacher possibly ever. She teaches French.): Because it's not good to steal things. Especially from nice teachers."

Mom (After I ask if I can eat more cake, or something.): "Sure, if you want to be on season 10 of the Biggest Loser!"

Marissa (I dance with this girl, and completely adore her.): They have these things, that are like lawn mowers. But they're not. And the pick up the golf balls!"

Dad: "Here's a good sales technique: when someone makes a deal with you, you take their money, you shut your mouth, and leave."

Sammi (speaking of Channel 1 news, when we could be watching Pride and Prejudice in French class - I told you we only watch movies...): "It's ugly. Turn it off."

Kenzie (We were learning nationalities of famous people in French - learning, yes, believe it or not, and there was a picture of some famous opera singer that is now dead, and Madame Asay asks who it is): "Opera singer! Like, dddddduuuuuuuuuhhhh!" *she sings this last bit very low, like a base opera singer.*

Dallin and Dawson (These guys are huge. Like six foot plus, and just like super-ripped, and have the lowest voices I have ever heard. If they were super heros, this would be their catch phrase.): "It was hurtin' real big."


katheryn b. said...

those are pretty good quotes. gave me a good laugh. love ya girlie

Anonymous said...

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