Sunday, January 24, 2010

Here: I am cynical and depressing no more.

Alright, alright, alright.
I'm sorry.
I really didn't mean to depress anyone with the poem, but I am guessing, due to the no comment thing, that I did.
I have been slightly cynical and depressing today, so I thought I would make up for it.
(Inspired by Rockstar Diaries)

10 things that make me terribly happy:

1.) Waking up and realizing you can go back to sleep.
2.) Friends that are lovely and understanding... even when you are being cynical and depressing. Or possibly ditch their older brother's birthday party to hang out with a seriously attractive boy. (Not that I have ever done that.)
3.) Rain.
4.) The smell of a new car. Ahhhh. I just adore it.
5.) The number 14. I have a really random obsession with the number 14. Don't ask me why, because I don't really know. I just love it. Like, when I am making decisions I look for the number 14, and if I can find it, my choice has been made.
6.) Laughter. I love all kinds of it. It is so wonderful. I really love those moments when you really shouldn't laugh, but it is so funny. I think we all should laugh more, because when people are laughing, they generally aren't killing each other.
7.) Seminary. It is just a break from the crazy hustle and bustle of school. I love the breath of fresh air. And how it just sort of feels like going home. I love all the seminary teachers, too. They love everybody, and never yell at their students. How lovely.
8.) Looking in the mirror, and being happy with your reflection. It is the best feeling on the planet.
9.) French class. There is eleven girls and one boy. Poor Mason. We eat food and watch movies with the most awesome teacher ever. Plus, when we watch movies, we watch them in English with French subtitles. This class was made for me.
10.) Snow. Don't tell me how much you hate snow, because I simply adore it. It makes everything so pretty and elegant looking. What more can you ask for?


McKay said...

you are so funny. i found the poem very thought provoking. but i do also love your list of "10 things that make me terribly happy".

McKenzie said...

okay that was me not mckay. have a fabulous day ms. addy!

Anonymous said...

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