Tuesday, November 1, 2011

This is only day one and I'm already loosing my mind.

We are terrified. We are terrified and we are running amongst these stars are if they are nothing. The snow will stumble through us like we're transparent. Like we're ghosts. We are stuck between heaven and hell because we never did anything with ourselves and no one who is still alive seems to care. Doesn't that bother anyone? We're terrified and positively overflowing with words, but when they come out, they fall in all the wrong places and we end up doing nothing. Not even when we're trapped with nothing but words to save us.

We have a thousand better things to do with ourselves, but we don't do them. We sing and read and watch television, but we don't whip out our pens and give the world something to talk about.

My mother can be made happy by a newer, quieter dishwasher, so shouldn't we be happier with newer, quieter appliances? Why aren't we our own newer, quieter appliances?

All my love,


Brooklyn M. R. said...

doest thou have an email? email me at bebebubba@hotmail.com, i have a picture that made me think of you.

HayleyElise said...

It's uncanny the way you know me better than I know myself, especially at such distances.

I left you a message on your phone. Love you always.