Saturday, November 12, 2011

I want to cause you a miracle.

11/11/11 was magical in its own way, don't you think?

I'm still a little broken, just like Kyle's car that I backed into, but maybe that's the magic. Maybe the magic is that we are a broken people and yesterday, we lived one single day where we could wish every single second for anything that came to mind, and no one could stop us.

We could wish away our fears and that was fine for one day. Caffeine and doughnuts could show up in room 111 on 11/11/11 just before 11:11 and that was entirely very acceptable. It was fine to hold pinkies in circles and wish little wishes and even throw world peace in there. Beautiful boys have to come visit you at high school. Everyone has to forgive you. 

We all do what we can, and it's magic.

Even your heartbeat is beautiful. What? Carry on.
All my love,


Mallory and Hannah said...

I love you. You're kind of great.
Love, Mallory said...

This is so good, but then again, when is your writing ever bad? Oh wait, NEVER!


Cody said...

I love these pictures. "Please Respect the Roses". Duh, who wouldn't?

Cody said...

One more thing! I think we should get a bunch of people together and go shopping at D.I.