Saturday, October 1, 2011

Chappy birthday, Kait.

You are eighteen years old today, Kaitlyn (good thing the government reminded us, because we may've forgotten). I wish I had the words for you, for us, for the way you've been a part of me. But I don't. Not here, at least. So here's my DO and DO NOT lists for my too-young-to-be-an-adult-but-adult-nonetheless-CBF.

1. Do pierce your nose. Or maybe your belly button or maybe both. Just because you don't have to have parental permission to do either of those things anymore. Also maybe get married.
2. Do order things from informercials.
3. Do shout things like, "I'm an adult, gosh dang it!" just because that is a real thing.
4. Check yourself out of high school. You can do that now. In real life.

1. Do not stop being my friend merely because you are an adult and I am a child.
2. Do not get into too much trouble because you are no longer a child and now, if you steal something or drive badly (Kaitlyn? A bad driver? What??), then you could get tossed into jail/prison and that would really put a kink in our road trip plans.
3. Do not kiss underage boys because you are now old enough to get sued for that -- yes, even if he gave his consent.
4. Do not actually change very much because I like you just how you are.

I get by with a little help from you, Kaitlyn. And I can't believe you are eighteen real-life years old. Today.

All my love,

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Thanks for the advice and for your friendship.