Wednesday, September 7, 2011

This happened in the fall.

Remember when you could do anything? Remember that?

Remember when no one could say anything to slow you down? Remember when no one's words surprised you? Remember that? Remember that?

Remember when you weren't nervous? Remember when you had a place? Remember when your knees never got weak?

Remember when you weren't helpless for other people's words?

But then everyone said things that were new -- good! but new. And surprising -- good! but surprising. And then you got over things, but things came back, didn't they? And they were no longer out of sight and no longer out of mind.

And sometimes, things felt better, and sometimes, things felt worse. And sometimes, you ache for the past, but that's fine, I think. 

Are you tired yet? I am. I am tired.

And now we're here. Stuck in this skin we were given and just trying to get used to it.

All those gold leaves.
All my love,


kenli said...

i may or may not live for your blog posts. i love everything about them.

your writing is so great. don't ever stop.

B said...

Haven't seen ya for a while.

I'm reading The Boy Book.

Let's just say: I will never wear a padded bra again. Also, I laughed out loud when I read the first chapter title because it was so unexpected.


Post script: My phone is broken; hence the reason I've not been answering the texts you may or may not have been sending me. Let me know if you want my secret number.