Tuesday, August 30, 2011

A little less Titus.

Loving someone doesn't mean you have to love everything they do every second of life. Being best friends with someone doesn't mean that you have to want to talk to them every second and that you can't ever be annoyed with them or sometimes hate the people they associate with. Being a family isn't about never disagreeing or making mistakes.

It's about something so much bigger. Well, actually, I take that back. It's about something smaller.

It's about the way they smell; it's about recognizing that smell and knowing that when you smell it, you're home and you're safe and you've made it. It's about the way they shape the letter "u" and how you'd recognize that handwriting anywhere. It's about that smirk they wear when they are composing some sort of witty retort to what you're saying long before you've finished saying it. It's about hats. It's about misty-eyed laugher. It's about their fear of thunderstorms. It's about the dinner discussions. It's about Mondays. It's about cyber-stalking; it's about real-life stalking. It's about Legally Blonde the Musical. It's about how they have so many books that they can't even sleep on their own bed. It's about fake emails and bunheads and The Boy Book. It's about shouting "Drop dead!" too much. It's about singing "First Day of My Life" in a big crowd of people. It's about having secrets. It's about helping clean up the messes you've made together. It's about hair ruffles.

It's about the way they shape their words and the way your hearts beat together like a song and knowing that even though they might bother you sometimes or make you feel immensely jealous or incredibly small, that that doesn't matter at all. 

All my love,


E. Luse said...

i'm tagged... and i miss you.
and i need your email address..

Brooklyn M. R. said...

this is perfect.

morgan.jo said...

I adore this post so much.

I also died when I saw the last picture. So funny.

Love you.

McKenzie said...

oh adds, you're the best.

Avery Jalaine said...

It's about recognizing yourself in this post and Addy didn't even have to say your name.

Addy, I love you.

Aubree said...

So well written!! Love you! Oh And I'm coming by to get my fitness for life textbook. :)

Makenna Lee Bryant said...

I love this post! It is very well written!


Bailey said...

I simply loved this.