Thursday, July 21, 2011

I am Addy Baird and I don't approve this message. [Edit]

[Edit] I hate this post. I want to take it down so badly. But this is for Collin's sake more than anything.

Alright. I've given in. I know for a fact that Collin Edward White absolutely hates my little profile "About Me" picture. He calls it model-esque and wants me to have a normal photo of me (instead of a model-esque illustration that doesn't even really look like me), just like everyone. So I am changing the photo and I hope you're all happy.

Mostly because my family finally got pictures taken of us. If you're absolutely dying to see more (there are some really nice photos, actually), you can click on "The Writer" link under "Pages."

So here. So one of these is about to be set as my "About Me" photo. I hope you approve.

I sometimes think I am about to go into cardiac arrest.
All my love,


Kaitlyn said...

You are much more beautiful than that model-esque illustration girl anyway.

.avery.ella. said...

Addy, you're so pretty. I especially adore the last picture. said...

You're extremely beautiful.

Soren said...

HEY nice pictures

Katheryn Wiederhold said...

I love the pictures. You are beautiful cousin!