Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Crystal (well, you know...)

I am stuck in the crevice between real life and fake life. If I'm being honest, I don't like it here much. Both real and fake life seep their ways in and make my head spin.

I promise you I'm not insane. Let me explain "fake life" and "real life" to you. It's really not all that confusing, but people seem to think I'm loosing my mind when I say things like, "It happened in real life," thinking that of course it happened in real life. Ha. False.

The following things occur in fake life:

1. Boys love me (and you, for that matter (not that they don't love you already (because they really actually do))). In fake life, boy are always like, "I love you," and sometimes I'm like, "I love you back."
     1b. Boys try to kiss me. So much, in fact, that it is exhausting. When they're totally beautiful I usually give in and I'm all, "Okay, okay."

2. Fake life is also when nothing feels real. Perhaps you've woken up at, say, five in the morning and headed off to dance in a parade: Definitely gonna be a fake-life day.

3. In fake life, romantic experiences don't freak me out.

6. In fake life, boys toss rocks at windows and life is a bit like an '80's movie.

7. Fake life is full of spontaneous bursts of song and dance. It's sort of like a musical. All the time. And everyone harmonizes perfectly pretty much every second of (fake) life.

8. In fake life, Matt Davis never wears a shirt. (What?)

In real life, however, boys don't always love me and I don't always love them back. They also don't try and kiss me. Real life feels real, three out of four romantic experiences send me into small anxiety fits, and life is like 2011, not '80's movies (or even real life '80's). In real life, most people can't harmonize or dance, let alone do both at once. Plus also, Matt Davis wears shirts in public. It's fine.

That, my friends, is the difference between fake life and real life. It's not all too confusing. You have fake life, too. Admit it.

But here I am down in this crevice where some boys love me, but I don't love them back. Where half the day is very fake and the other half all too raw. Where only two out of four romantic experiences are giving me angst. Where people dress like they're in the first few minutes of 13 Going on 30, but no one is standing in my yard with a boom box. Where musicals are real life on stage, but then I realize that I'm getting weird looks from the window washers in my basement when I am singing RENT really, really loudly in my house. And Matt Davis was spotted shirtless. Once. It's fine.

It's exhausting in here - in this crevice. Sometimes I don't mind it all too much, but when things happen that I can't differentiate between, I get angst and my head hurts and I run away super quick.

So, if you're looking for me, I'm just here, down in this little mixed-up crevice. I bet you will be able to find me here for a while, I fear. 

"Anxiety killed the cat, probably."

Maybe someday we'll each have an Independence Day of our own.
All my love,

[Edit: I just realized I left out numbers 4 and 5. I'm not going to fix it, though. Ha, ha.]


sarah said...

im so glad that matt davis is included in this post... because most of my days , im thinking... "where is matt davis and why isnt he shirtless"

then your dreams are crushed when you see him with a shirt on, flirting with a girl and taking cute pictures together.

it kinda makes you want to cry yourself to sleep, or punch the girl and make her ugly.

but you do neither. cause its fake life and you usually get punch in the face by real life.


HayleyElise said...

I was quoted, and I have never been quite so flattered.

Also, inbetween life really does suck sometimes, doesn't it?

Brooklyn M. R. said...

perhaps, my dear, you are perceiving "inbetween life" in the wrong way. in that little crevice, you get to experience things for real (hence 'real life') and then hide in the fake life ;) for example. playing in lightning and then escaping woody allen movies all day. its a good thing.

Bree & Lindsey said...

This may be time for an introduction, hi, I'm Linds, an avid reader of this little yet fantastic blog. I just got my wisdom teeth out and could use a good book. Then I thought of you.

Any ideas? Help?


This comment may have had absolutely nothing to do with this post, though I think you should know, it was rather beautiful in that Addy sort of way (which by the way, is a remarkable thing to aspire)

Kaitlyn said...
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